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4/19/2021 - 4:45:34 PM

Online EBMS Training Event recorded on Wednesday, April 14th, 2021.

This webinar includes how to create, edit, and schedule tasks as well as how to attach tasks to customers, product, invoices, and manufacturing batches. 



Positions that may find this session helpful: Service Techs, Manufacturing Managers and Supervisors, Salesmen, Schedulers

Skill Level: Intermediate


How do I set the group levels in tasks?

View instructions here.

If I have to go to an on site job and need to do warranty and billable work, should I then create two different tasks?

No, I recommend you change the billable and possibly the work code setting within the timecard tab of the task. Note that the billable option may be hidden. More

When you open a work order in one month, but it's not finished until a future month and you close it, what month does all of the accounting post to? We sometimes close a work order and we can't process it because the original month it was opened is already closed.

All labor transactions are based on the date entered within the timecard tab. Note that a task may contain labor from multiple pay periods within different months. More

Can you create a task to remind your purchaser to order certain products, based on either stock levels?

It would be possible to manually create a task but I would recommend using the purchasing screen.


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