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Electronic E-filing is now Available

1/19/2022 - 11:15:29 AM

Ready to file your 2021 W-2 files online? Let's get started!


How it works in EBMS: A separate file is created for the Social Security Administration (SSA) and for each state that has a match in File > Company Information [Advanced]. 


Registration is needed if it is the first time your company is filing W-2's electronically with the SSA. If this has not been done already it is too late to file electronically this year. Please register anytime so you can do so next year. 


Federal - The SSA currently requires employers with over 250 employees to file W-2's electronically. Those under 250 employees are encouraged to make use of those services.


State - State filing requirements vary and may be more stringent. For example, in PA employers with over 10 employees are required to file electronically.


Print - If you are not filing electronically for federal, state, or both, print all pre-printed and plain paper forms from EBMS. 

Contact the support team or visit or Year End page for more year end resources.


All the best to you! 

The Eagle Support Team


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