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API & Webhooks Webinar

6/21/2022 - 11:47:58 AM

Online EBMS Training Event recorded on Thursday, June 16th, 2022.

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In this webinar, Deke gives us an overview of the setup and use of the EBMS API and EBMS webooks with Microsoft PowerAutomate



Positions that may find this session helpful: EBMS Admins, Beginner to Intermediate Programmers

Skill level: Intermediate


Does EBMS provide Webhooks if "Tracking Information" updates?

A person, in theory, could setup a webhook if the tracking information changes on the sales order. I suspect that what you would actually like is to get live tracking information from the logistics company and live updates as the events occur. If you are using ShipEngine with EBMS, then they provide several webhooks options for tracking - but that would be done with ShipEngine.

Where do you find a list of all the different postmaster Key's and Vaue's? Some of the keys are $top, $select, $filter.

You can find lists of these and information around OData here: Odata.org


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