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Inventory Control

Manage inventory with a powerful cataloging tool.

EBMS includes a comprehensive inventory management system that contains a powerful cataloging tool.

Product Catalog

The product catalog can be used to organize tens of thousands of items in categories and subfolder groups. Managing FIFO inventory is a very important part of a profitable company. Managing pricing, tracking parts and recording purchasing and sales history are especially important for a sales, distribution, or service company.

Order entry and inventory tools to manage special orders, drop shipments, and maintain stock levels are essential. 

Farmers Market

Advanced Tools

Advanced tools to manage serialized items, lots, assemblies, and kits are included.

Optional features to manage multiple locations, link vendor catalogs, organize made-to-order products, manage inventory using mobile bar code tools, and distribute information using online web catalogs are available.

Shed Manufacturing


  • Catalogs inventory items in Groups and Subgroups
  • Supports Multiple Description lines
  • Advanced General Ledger options are available to record Standard Sales, Purchasing, Asset and other Inventory Accounts
  • Purchasing Window includes powerful Query, Lists, and grouping to simplify purchase order entry and processing
  • Allows multiple Units of Measure within the same inventory item
  • Allows Components or Inventory Assemblies
  • Facilitates FIFO, LIFO, Perpetual Inventory Processing
  • Completes monthly Purchasing and Sales History for an unlimited number of years
  • Multiple price levels with flexible pricing based on Cost, List Price, or other formulas
  • Completes Vendor Purchasing history
  • Supports multiple Vendor Part Numbers for each item
  • The purchase invoice of an inventory item can be directly referenced from the sales invoice
  • Maintains easy-to-view On-hand Counts, Purchase Orders, and Sales Order balances
  • Facilitates substitute items for Obsolete or Discontinued items
  • Conveniently records each time a sale is lost and the information regarding the Lost Sale
  • Batch Adjust the counts and values of multiple track count inventory items
  • Batch Edit certain properties (e.g. description, cost, type, weight, minimum stock, etc.) of inventory items from a spreadsheet.

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