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Purchasing & Special Order Tools

Streamline the purchasing process and maintain proper inventory levels.

Purchasing procedures and management of inventory levels are important elements in maintaining a profitable inventory level of products. EBMS includes a variety of purchasing tools to assist with the procurement of product, management of purchase orders, and receiving process.

Maintain Proper Stock Inventory Levels

Tracking inventory counts, maintaining stock reorder points, creating purchase orders, and reviewing purchase and sales history, streamlines the purchasing process and assists in maintaining proper inventory levels. Managing stock items are key to the success of companies that sell product, use parts or supplies for service jobs, and manufacture product. 


Handle Special Orders

Special orders are defined within the EBMS software as items that are sold to the customer before they're purchased from the vendor. A special order purchase differs from a standard stock item or a manufactured item since the purchase process is prompted by a sale. Many businesses sell inventory parts that are not stocked but rather are ordered from the vendor specifically for a customer. Special order tools facilitate an alternative to entering a part number each time a special order item is purchased. EBMS allows the user to record and track these special order items within inventory in a similar way as a stock item, but does not require the tedious labor of creating unique inventory item codes for each special order item..

UPS Delivery Special Order

Purchase Custom Products

A configure-to-order process facilitates the purchase of custom products from a vendor as a kit. The seller may purchase equipment, assemblies, sheds, or furniture that contain many options or variations. This module allows the custom product to be purchased and sold without creating separate product codes for each possible variation. Varied cost calculations, pricing, and optional components can be contained in a single inventory id.

Delivery Truck


  • Displays or prints a convenient order list that contains the products purchased from a specific vendor or all the products within a folder group
  • Recommends reorder quantities based on user set reorder points or more advanced inventory forecasting tools
  • Calculates the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) date of the individual purchase order lines
  • Purchase orders, warehouse transfer tickets, or manufacturing batch lists can conveniently be created from the recommended reorder list
  • Assists in managing stock levels to minimize inventory requirements
  • Records regular stock level updates from vendors and any associated data
  • Includes complete purchase history including vendor SKU numbers for each supplier
  • Records inventory stock locations
  • Includes tools to reconcile the actual stock level with the values within the EBMS software
  • Manages the purchasing of special order items or specialty items that are rarely purchased or stocked
  • Easily navigate a special order item which is conveniently linked to its sales order and purchase order
  • Ability to create a purchase order by copying details from a sales order
  • Purchase custom products from the vendor
  • Creates a single inventory id that contains the varied costs, pricing, and optional components for a custom product
  • Is integrated into the accounts payable and accounting tools within the EBMS software

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