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Year End Info

EBMS makes it easy to close the old year, open the new year, and update tax and payroll information. There is no need for a January 1 crunch to get the old year completed. Opening 2018 by mid-December ensures a smooth transition into the new year! 

As new tax and end of year information is released, we will be providing it on this page.  

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We will post updates as they are available.
- 1/24/18 - Tax Rate Update Released
- 1/12/18 - Electronic W2 filing available
- 12/12/17 - Closing a Year Tutorial Released
- 12/12/17 - Printable Checklists Updated

Closing 2016 & Opening 2018Other Module

Year End ProcessesThe fiscal year 2016 should be closed and the fiscal year 2018 should be opened in December of 2017.  This only applies if your business operates on a calendar year.

Step-by-Step Instructions:
Closing an Old Year and Opening a New Year

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Closing Payroll 2017Other Module

Year End ProcessesUse the checklist below to guide your end of year payroll processes including processing bonus pay periods, opening year 2018, updating tax tables, and preparing W-2's.

Step-by-Step Instructions:
Bonus Pay Periods
Closing the 2017 Payroll Year
Year End Payroll Adjustments
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2018 Payroll & Tax UpdateOther Module

Payroll Tax Update The 2018 Payroll and Tax Update is now available to download!

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Step-by-Step Instructions:
Payroll Tax and Forms Update


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