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Multiple Vendor Catalog

Connect with vendor catalogs.

Parts stores and retailers depend on supplier eCatalogs for a vast amount of product information. This feature allows the user to access multiple parts price catalogs from multiple vendors without cluttering the main EBMS inventory catalog. This product information is then easily and quickly accessed from the sales order and work order.

Seamless Interaction with Vendor Catalogs

The vendor supplied parts information can be viewed or selected from within EBMS using the inventory list dialog. This allows the user to select a product, located in a vendor supplied list, directly from the EBMS invoice or quote. Product information can be copied into the EBMS inventory database without retyping descriptions, costs, and other details from the vendor's product list.


Automated Updates

This module facilitates the product update process so that multiple vendor catalogs can be updated on a regular basis. This can be accomplished by automating a copy from the vendor supplied files located on an FTP site. List pricing, unit costs, UPC codes, and other information within EBMS can be updated directly from the vendor catalog.


Common Interface

Vendors distribute their product information in a variety of file formats with a variation in product information. Organizing and viewing this valuable information within a common interface can save a lot of time and frustration.

Equipment rental

Less Clutter

This module simplifies inventory management within EBMS since only selected items are imported into the EBMS inventory list. This minimizes clutter within the user's product list, making it easier to maintain.

Vendor Catalog

The following file formats are recommended:
  • Comma delimited - *.CSV
  • Text (Tab delimited) - *.TXT
  • Excel - *.XLSX (note: will require Microsoft Excel to save as a CSV or TXT file)


  • View information from multiple vendors, with varied file formats, from a common interface.
  • Facilitate many vendors and diversified data structures.
  • Convert vendor files into EBMS files using the Text Data Import feature.
  • Easily create relationships between the vendor catalog and EBMS to copy and maintain product information
  • Copy product information into the EBMS inventory database without retyping descriptions, costs, and other details from the vendor's product list.
  • Create new inventory items by copying description, pricing, costs, and other information directly from the vendor's data.
  • Update list pricing, unit costs, UPC codes, and other information from a list or file supplied by a vendor.
  • Automatically update vendor catalogs from a supplier provided file located on an FTP site.
  • View or select vendor supplied parts information from within EBMS.
  • Pull and store vendor stock amounts per item
  • Access the vendor catalog from a proposal or sales order within EBMS using the inventory quick lookup.
  • List parts and products from a variety of vendors without inserting the vendors complete product list within the standard EBMS inventory list.

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