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Schedule, price, and bill rentals.

Manage all rentals from the first reservation and pricing to final billing and continuing maintenance.

Create Rental Contracts

Simplify paperwork by creating complete rental agreements quickly. Pull rental items, add consumables, and check out to efficiently create comprehensive contracts. Flexible pricing is calculated based on the desired length of the rental, the equipment being rented, and maximums such as hour or micro meters.

Rental Contract

Schedule Rentals

View rental status including reservations for future dates, viewing missed reservations, and current availability. Quickly determine the equipment available for specific date ranges while also scheduling delivery, pickup, and maintenance. The current rental schedule gives you full visibility into the status of your items.

Scheduling Screenshot in EBMS

Manage Equipment

Rental history, depreciation costs, service history, and profitability of each item is important to properly manage all rentals. Schedule regular maintenance on rental equipment and view the complete history for each customer. Depreciation of rental assets is posted to the financial system on a regular basis to complete the financial picture.

Depreciable Equipment

Collect Payments

The rental contract is integrated with order entry to quickly checkout when a product is rented, when it is returned, or on a reoccurring basis for extended rentals. Checkout prompts are set to ask the customer about consumables, supplies, and other accessories. Payments can be prepaid, stored securely for debit on return, or made when the item is returned.

Connect your rental processes to your website. Rental lists, details, photos, and pricing are created and managed from one location. Eliminate redundancy and improve customer experience by offering online rental and service options.



  • Rental equipment management
  • Flexible pricing structures including length of the rental, equipment, and maximums such as hour or micro meters
  • Creating a rental schedule and viewing availability
  • Inventory categories for rental items
  • Creating service codes including rental kits
  • Creating a contract
  • Reserving rental items
  • Returning and billing rentals
  • Periodic billing
  • Security deposits
  • Partial payments
  • Secure stored payments
  • Billing a rental to a job
  • Early payment discounts
  • Scanning serialized equipment rentals
  • Viewing status of rental items
  • Damage waivers
  • Managing rental deliveries
  • Reviewing service schedules
  • Sales tax calculations

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