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Monthly Best Practices Webinar

2/23/2022 - 3:22:06 PM

Online EBMS Training Event recorded on Thursday, February 17th, 2022.

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In this webinar, Marylou walks us through monthly best practices and month close processes in EBMS.


Positions that may find this session helpful: Bookkeepers, Accountants, & EBMS Admins



I ran a Trial Balance after my year end review for 2021 and then again yesterday. The inventory changed and I am trying to find out why. Can you help me with finding that difference?

There are a number of variables that could play into this answer. Please submit your question to support@eaglebusinesssoftware.com where a ticket will be made and we will be happy to investigate this with you.

What happens if I run file maintenance and all users are not logged off?

File maintenance will not run if there is more than one user logged in. If you run file maintenance from EBMS server manager, there is an option to boot users who are logged in.

Is the sales tax wizard a US only wizard? Does it work for a Canadian company doing quarterly HST payments with input tax credits?

No, the sales tax wizard does not work for Canadian taxes.

We stopped using inventory in April 2021. For year end MaryLou helped adjust to our current value at year end, but now my verify balances for inventory is off for the difference. Does this matter?

If you decided to stop using inventory, and stop updating item counts etc, and you only want to correct you inventory asset balance at the end of the year for tax purposes, then no, it does not matter.

If in error you put a deposit to a wrong customer, how can you correct that and put it to the correct customer?

If you're saying you received a customer payment but applied it to the wrong invoice/customer, these are the steps you would take: If the payment has already left your deposit window in EBMS and been deposited into another account, you must 1.) void that deposit, and then 2.) void the payment, re-enter it on the correct invoice/customer, and then re-deposit it. If the payment has not been deposited, but is still sitting in your deposit window, then you can simply void the payment and re-enter it on the correct invoice/customer.

Can we close months for different modules separately? For eg. sales for the 5th of the next month and finance for the end of next month?

In EBMS when a month is closed, it closes for all modules. At this point there is no capability for closing them at different times.


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