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Manufacturing Basics Webinar

5/26/2022 - 9:05:59 AM

Online EBMS Training Event recorded on Thursday, May 19th, 2022.

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In this webinar, Justin walks us through Manufacturing Basics in EBMS including configuration,
stock manufacturing, and manufacturing from a specific sales order.


Positions that may find this session helpful: Manufacturing Managers

Skill level: Basic to Intermediate


Would you ever add Labor in the BOM, so that it is figured in the cost + for finished price and you wouldn't add it to the batch since it would already be there?

If labor is in the BOM then it will be added when the batch is created. There isn't a need to manually add the labor once the batch is created. You should adjust the quantitiy of the labor line in the batch based on the actual time spent manufacturing the items.

What do you do if you have nested MTO batches? Is there a best practice in how to work with nested MTO and assembly kit components?

If you have items that are nested and have the MTO switch turned on EBMS will prompt the user to create the necessary batches.

When I try to link a sales order to a manufacturing batch in the sales order "method is stocked" it will not give me the option "inventory links" to connect it. My item is serialized. How can I link this to a batch?

You will need to either create a temporary serial number so EBMS can link the manufacturing batch and the sales order, or you will need to use purchase methods to generate the manufacturing batch and establish the link from the sales order.

Do you need to add a serial number to all "made to order" products? We create the serial numbers at the end of the process

Not all products that are Made to Order are serialized. In this case MTO creates a strict link between the manufacturing batch and the sales order and allows you to enter serial numbers at a later time.

Does DOCI work with manufacturing batches? Lets say I make highly customized water systems that all have their own bill of materials?

No it does not, however a customization may be able to help with that.

Can the scheduler be connected with Outlook or Google calendar?

Power Automate can be used to connect EBMS data points such as start dates of a batch and populate them to a calendar. Most often it is populated to an Outlook Calendar since Power AUtomate and Outlook are part of the Office 365 suite of apps.


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