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Intro to Payment Processing Webinar

4/27/2022 - 4:23:45 PM

Online EBMS Training Event recorded on Thursday, April 21st, 2022.

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In this webinar, Joel walks us through Payment Processing in EBMS including Payment Portal, Credit Card processing, and Virtual Terminal


Positions that may find this session helpful: EBMS Admins, Accountants, & Salespeople

Skill level: Intermediate


Are 321 Swipe and 360 Payments also in Canada?

We do not use Payware Connect for Canadian credit card processing. We use Velox for Canadian processing, which is a partnership through 360 Payments. Contact EBMS Canada Support to get started.

Is there information available on estimated costs (one time and recurring) for the Web Pay Portal and/or Virtual Terminal options?

WebPay portal and Virtual Terminal modules may already be included in your community pack. It would be best to reach out to your Account Manager about the modules and transaction costs, as well as your Merchant Service provider (i.e. the people who send you the Credit Card settlement).

What's the most common method of communicating WebPay portal payment options to customers (i.e. a message on their invoice)?

We recommend utilizing the Auto Send feature of EBMS. This way you can include a link and provide them with credentials.

That's the *Windows* user or the *EBMS* user?

In the case of the Verifone POINT device it needs to be set to the computer name and Windows user name. The user is set under the user settings tab when using the view list of Verifone POINT devices button.

What is the EBT payment type?

EBT stands for Electronic Benefits Transfer. It allows payments for food items using SNAP benefits. This is most commonly used in markets and grocery stores.

Is the WebPay portal a good option for making donations to a non-profit, since there would not be any outstanding invoices in that case?

The WebPay portal requires an invoice or sales order in order to collect payment. So the WebPay portal isn't a great option for collecting donations.

How do we get notified that the online payment option has been used?

We can set up email notifications for you so you receive and email every time someone pays an invoice online. But in the case of Credit Card payments, nothing is needed after payment has been processed. So you will be notified, but there would be no further action required on your part.

How long does the stored card actually last?

Currently a stored card expires after 9 months of inactivity. Coming soon will be the option for tokenization which will have a longer expiration time.

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