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8.2 EBMS Enhancements  

General Enhancements Back to Top

Sales Accounts Receivable and Sales

  • Proposal: Change Customer Wizard added to the Proposal. | CR350427 228
  • Search: Address information included in Customer and Vendor searches. | CR375376 228
  • New AR Term "Customer Preferred Credit Card on File":  Automatically pay the invoice balance when processing it by using the customer's preferred credit card that is stored in EBMS. | CR315207 229
  • Price Level per SO detail line: Change the Price Level per detail line. | CR371613 229


  • Inventory Batch Counts: Prep Count quantity added to batch screen | CR391820 230
  • Manufacturer IDs:  Multi-length IDs are now supported for both Manufacturers and Alternate Manufacturers and with the manufacturer management tools part numbers prefixed with a Manufacturer ID, no matter the length, can now be changed en masse. | CR391481 229

ReportsAccounts Payable

  • ACH Vendor Payments: Pay vendors using Direct Pay files (similar to Direct Deposit) | Details CR329127 229


  • 3rd Party Payroll Service Timecard Export: Generate a .csv file of all timecard detail lines and send to your payroll services company.  Use the Document Import module to import journals from the payrolls service. | CR389754 230

ReportsEBMS Server Manager

  • Email credentials no longer needed | CR373469 229
  • New Styling: improved look and feel.  | CR 229
  • Automated Utilities: Setup multiple schedules for re-indexing and running the maintenance utilities automatically. | CR316837 229


  • Text to DBF Mapping: Ability to Link Field Twice | CR391580 230
  • Data Connections: preconfigure connections to multiple data sources (e.g. SQL Mirror) | CR39170 230
  • Customer and Vendor searches: Address information is now included in Customer and Vendor searches | CR375376 228

Sales API Gateway

  • Read and Write to the EBMS database directly through a published OData API.  Develop seamless integrations with your CRM or production software. |  Details CR365887 228

Module Enhancements Back to Top

SalesShipping Manager

  • FedEx and UPS LTL services:  FedEx and UPS shipping options now include LTL service types  |  CR367067 228


  • Link directly to Serialized Item Add to Cost batches: Associate a task directly with a inventoried whole good (serial number) to add items and labor to an Add to Cost batch. | Details CR231078 228
  • Billing Notes and Internal Notes: Recording notes on tasks just became more intuitive.  Greatly reduce the risk of internal notes being added to customer facing documents | CR393311 230


  • Customer Portal: Allow customers to view order history and pay existing invoices and sales orders online. | Details
  • Hide items/categories from online search: Exclude items and categories such as discount codes etc. from the online search while still allowing them to be available in the shopping cart.  | CR396467 230
  • CMS: Updated CMS with responsive design.


  • Expense Rental Contracts to Jobs:  Reserve, use, and expense equipment to a contract job directly. | CR356494 228

SalesAdvanced Inventory Purchasing

  • Option to limit history and predictions to the Months Supply | CR365079 228

SalesSerialized Items

  • Serialized Item List: warehouse filter added | CR362960 228

SalesSerialized Item Specifications

  • Vehicle VIN: Year/Make/Model/Engine info imported automatically based on NHTSA data. Quickly access complete NHTSA data | CR36110 230


  • Multi-length MFG ID and Alt MFG ID supported for line management: | CR361606 229

InventoryTimeTrack app

  • App settings moved into EBMS: Reduce configuration by managing the TimeTrack app settings in one central location instead of on each device. | CR392940 230

ReportsSQL Mirror

  • Print native EBMS reports: Setup and then select the SQL Mirror as a data source to print EBMS reports.  Experience super-charged speeds when printing complex and data intensive reports. | CR397239 230


New Modules Back to Top

SalesMyCustomers App

  • Access and create customer information using your iOS and Android devices. Available as a separate subscription, this app is your live EBMS contact list accessible from anywhere. | Details CR 230

SalesUSPS Domestic Shipping Integration

  • Connect directly to your USPS account for accurate shipping rates to all US destinations | Details CR298555 228

SalesPayment Portals

  • Software based Payment Processing (Virtual Terminal): Process credit card payments by typing the card number into an EBMS payment dialog | Details CR315207 228
  • Web based Payment Processing: Give customers the ability to pay their account balance online via a website branded with your logo | Details

Sales SEMA Data Co-op (SDC) Integration

  • Access and search for the product lines available from the SDC.  Complete Year, Make, Model Application Guide included. | CR 230

Reports Back to Top

SalesSerialized Item Specifications PDF icon

  • Work Order: A new work order form that includes serialized/vehicle specifications is now available to all. | CR393018 230

ReportsNew tables added for improved Reporting and Business Intelligence (BI)

  • DATES: Create relationships between tables by using the DATES table. | 229
  • GLEDMT: A G/L transaction summary by month. | CR377727 228