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Shipping Manager

Quickly calculate shipping charges and communicate with shipping software.

The Shipping Manager module is a great feature for your shipping department! With this added feature you will be able to calculate the shipping charges from within a sales order and then easily communicate the customer and order details to the shipping software.

Estimated Shipping Rates

Shipping rates can be calculated within an EBMS sales order to quickly provide estimated shipping costs. These calculations can include using standard formulas setup within the shipping methods, rate formulas within the customer record, a custom rate table for specific shippers, and directly from the online UPS rate table. The freight cost can be determined by adding a markup to the standard shipper rates and adding optional handling fees.

UPS & FedEx Shipping

Detailed Shipping Values

Setup various shipping values on each inventory item including dimensional weights, shipping codes, and handling fees per unit of measure

Choose from a variety of ways to estimate shipping method rates including rates using standard formulas within the shipping methods:

  • Rates based on rate formulas within the customer record
  • Rates from a custom rate table for specific shippers
  • Rates from the online UPS rate table 

Interfaced with Shipping Software

This module can integrate with any shipping management software that can communicate using ODBC. This includes UPS WorldShip, FedEx Shipping Manager,and Endicia. These integrations allow third-party software to pull customer and package information from EBMS eliminating double entry. The integration also allows for final package and pricing information to be written back to EBMS after it has been shipped.

EBMS can also communicate with UPS & FedEx to display current shipping rates on an eCommerce website.

Integrated with ShipEngine

ShipEngine is a middleware between package carriers that makes shipping easy. ShipEngine integrates with EBMS order entry to estimate, rate shop, and track shipments. Learn More



  • Select the desired shipping method within the EBMS Sales Order to estimate UPS LTL/Freight costs
  • Enter standard handling fees and a percentage markup on UPS freight to automatically calculate freight costs
  • Setup various shipping values on each inventory item
  • Communicate customer name, address, weights, and desired shipping method directly into UPS WorldShip or FedEx Ship Manager, Endicia, or any other software that can communicate with EBMS through an ODBC connection. 
  • Send the verification email from the shipping software to the customer's email address stored in EBMS.
  • The package's tracking information and actual weight can be accessed from the EBMS Sales Order screen
  • Conveniently verify the location of packages using the UPS tracking system directly from EBMS
  • Enter default shipping rate for a customer
  • Calculate total weight of an item by using gross weight or dimensional weights
  • Enter appropriate item shipping details including Import/Export, MSDS, NMFC, and Hazardous Materials for reference purposes.
  • Integrates with ShipEngine

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