Sell product online with one integrated solution.

The eCommerce module integrates with the EBMS inventory and sales modules to create an online catalog and store.

Dynamic Content

The E-Commerce module allows the user to create product lists, pictures, pricing, details, and customer accounts for an online website directly from the EBMS system. Maintain only one product and price list from within EBMS. Learn More >

Web Sites

Shopping Cart

A full featured shopping cart includes integrated customer terms, shipping options, product pricing, and order entry and payment processing. This facilitates the process of A) Adding product to the website cart, B) Managing checkout, payments, and shipping, C) Downloading and processing website orders within EBMS. Learn More >

Shopping Cart

Integrated Customer Portal

Customer accounts can be created from EBMS or the website to identify the customer and customer information. Customer pricing, available products, shopping cart settings, and payment terms are controlled from the customer record within EBMS. Learn More >>

Web Sites

Flexible Options

Choose from five different packages to fit the needs of your business. Learn More >>

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  • Allows users to add, remove and control the content of your entire e-Commerce website from the EBMS Software. Product pricing, availability and details are derived from the EBMS Inventory database.
  • Adds entire groups of products within minutes. Products within the EBMS Inventory Catalog can easily be added or removed from the e-Commerce store.
  • Updates product information, pricing and availability regularly using data synchronization. Products may be removed or marked as out-of-stock based on Inventory levels.
  • Reduces redundant information. The user is not required to maintain two separate product lists: the POS System within EBMS and the e-Commerce list on the web.
  • Automatically creates dynamic product information. New product lists, customer pricing and out-of-stock notations, and details are created directly from the information within EBMS.
  • Displays user-specific pricing, terms and shipping options based on the username and password created within EBMS. Are all derived directly from the Accounts Receivable module in EBMS. The customer's name and password are entered within the customer record of EBMS.
  • Allows the customer to receive orders directly into your order entry system. e-Commerce orders are inserted into EBMS as a Sales Order.
  • Verifies credit card information online through a common gateway. Credit card processing is integrated into the EBMS Software. The card is validated online but is not debited until Invoice is processed. This feature minimizes the number of credits and billing charges at the time the order is processed.