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7.8 EBMS Enhancements

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SalesAccounts Receivable and Sales

  • Multiple Locations: Address information is set per warehouse/location. This info is used to calculate sales tax if the product is shipped from a warehouse in another location with a different sales tax rate. | Details
  • Salesperson Commissions: The default salesperson setting will default to the salesperson within the shipping customer record if the billing customer's salesperson setting is blank. | Details
  • Credit Card Processing: EBMS allows multiple merchant accounts within the same company. | Details
  • Shipping Rate Type: New Rate Type added  "__% of invoice subtotal with a minimum of $___" 
  • Note on Printed Document:  A note can be printed per Division in addition to the company wide feature. Sale Reports have been updated to include this new note.


  • New image entry field: A .jpg graphics file can be added to the general tab of an inventory item to give users a visual of each item. These images can also be printed on a report. | Details
  • Purchasing Tools: A purchase order can be created from the purchasing window including stock and special order items. The purchasing window prompts the user when special order or drop shipped product are needed along with the stock order. | Details
  • Trade-Ins: When products (e.g. equipment, vehicles) are traded in on a Sales Order they can be identified as such and G/L transactions occur in the same manner as when product is brought in on a purchase order. | Details
  • Vendor information on the Inventory Item Purchasing tab can be set in Folder Defaults and filtered down. | Details
  • Available: field and columns defining "Available" added as a complement to "On Hand".  A choice of two definitions for "Available" provided. The new Available value can be displayed within the inventory item count tab, inventory lookup, sales order detail, and the purchasing window. | Details
  • Sales Activity:  a new tab added to the inventory item lists what Proposals, Sales Orders, and Invoices the item is listed on. This list is searchable by customer, date and more.  Details

InventoryPayroll & Labor

  • 3rd Party Payment Method: A new payment method in addition to Check and Direct Deposit has been added labeled Payroll Service is added to the employee options. This feature enhances the ability to use a payroll service to process payroll. CR247372
  • Task & Work Orders: A Due By Time setting has been added to the task scheduling information to enhance the Due By date. This field is important if the task needs to be completed by a specific time. CR201535
  • Enhanced Auditing: Timecard displays the user who last changed information for a particular line and when they did it. CR262320


  • Company Specific Labels:  A number of field labels will change depending on the country the company is located in. Customer, Vendor, and Employee accounts display differing field labels depending on which country they are located in.  Examples are State vs. Prov., Zip vs. PC.  CR243385
  • Divisions: Multiple Divisions can be identified and associated with either departments or warehouse locations. Division names, addresses and logos can be printed on Quotes, Sales Orders, and Purchase Orders. CR245770
  • General Ledger Account Reconciliation:  Running Balance and Start Date/Balance, Ending Date/Balance features added. Reportable Reconciliation details captured such as Date/Time and User.  CR243033
  • Text Import/Mapping Utility:  New utility that converts text based files such as .csv to the native EBMS .dbf database type. Includes the ability to access ftp sites and periodically download updated files and automatically convert them to the EBMS database type. Primarily useful for automatically updating Vendor Catalogs or Product Application information.  CR130599
  • Document Detail Lines - Numbering: Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Proposals etc. now have a number identifying the document line.   CR242522
  • Company Specific User settings: User defaults/settings are now stored based on company. e.g. The default sales department or warehouse for one company can now be different in another company data set.   CR273787

Module Enhancements Back to Top

Accounts PayableJob Costing Enhancements

The T&M Billing wizard allows the user to group items and time billing by date on the Sales Order. CR247375

SalesE-Commerce Enhancements

  • Product social share on item page (Web 3) | See Details
  • A shipping method that results in no cost will display text instead of 0.0 shipping cost.(Web 3)
  • Item shown in multiple folders (Web 4) | See Details
  • Integrated PayPal checkout (Web 4) | See Details
  • Enhanced Web Security (Web 4)
  • API (Web 4)
  • Folder display content item images (Web 4)
  • Integrated Blog (Web 4) | See Details
  • Product Attributes v2 (Web 4)

SalesAutoSend Enhancements

  • New E-mail Now menu with recipient editing when emailing from a Sales Order or Purchase Order. This feature can be used without the MS Outlook mail client. CR240921
  • Enhance settings per mode for better Multi-mode support. CR243615 

ReportsRental Module Enhancements

  • The user can copy contracts along with all the items included on the contact. An option to copy the exact serialized items within the contract is also included. CR241313
  • Rental items can be added to a rental contact for reservation without assigning a serial number until rental checkout. This allows a contract to be populated with a rental code and assign the actual piece of equipment at a later time. CR246682
  • Bar code Scanners can be used to assign a serial number to a rental contact. This feature is especially valuable when a user rents multiple items on the same contact. Scanners can also be used to return rental items. CR246607

SalesSales Person Commissions

Commissions calculated by Weight. CR254624 

SalesUPS Integration

  • Added UPS LTL support
  • Added the ability to track shipments directly from EBMS
  • Moved shipping information to a tab on the Sales Order for ease of access
  • Added the ability to apply the actual freight cost as the invoice freight  CR20094 

SalesKeystone Automotive Integration

Rewrote the feature so as to access the new eKeystone data/API CR230476

InventoryLot Tracking

Auto-Assign Lot numbers. CR267502 

InventoryComponents & Accessories

Filter Down and Remove components and accessories CRB9277

New Modules Back to Top

InventoryProduct Attributes

The product attributes module is used to group a significant number of items together based on one or more of the inventory's item attributes. An inventory group (folder) may contain multiple items that are very similar but differ based on the items attribute. An attribute is defined as a common characteristic such as color, size, style etc. Details

InventoryProduct Applications

Year, Make, Model, Sub-model, and Engine fitment can be assigned to inventory items. Inventory can be searched/filtered by vehicle.  CR227832

Accounts PayableLanded Costs

The total cost of a landed shipment including purchase price, freight, insurance, and other costs is used to create the total value of a product purchased. Landed Costs, or the "all in" costs of materials and inventory on the shelf, are very important for understanding true cost of product and margins. Essentially, a landed cost is a product cost that is inclusive of not just the cost of the material that is paid to the vendor, but all of the costs incurred in getting it to your shelf. Typical landed costs include inbound ocean freight, duties and fees paid, drayage or other hauling charges, a harvesting charge for a crop, etc. Details CR200276

InventoryTimeTrack App

Lightweight time clock program for employee time entry from Windows based kiosks/computers. Includes a feature to require the employee to specify the amount of time per work code.  CR251355

ReportsExcel Formula Kit

This optional Excel formula kit is used to access EBMS data directly from MS Excel. This option adds various EBMS formulas to MS Excel allowing the user to calculate values directly from EBMS. EBMS Information, values, and totals such as general ledger financial information, sales, expense, and other transactions can be used to generate graphs or create projections using the powerful tools of a spreadsheet. These flexible formula tools allow the user to access most information including text, values, and settings within the EBMS data set.

ReportsDocument Storage

This optional module adds the capability to store a variety of documents within a customer, vendor, inventory item, task, invoice, quote, and other documents. The user can choose between EBMS created file folders or OLE fields within each individual document. This feature allows the user to attach graphic files, design documents, PDF, and a variety of other file formats to specific accounts or documents.

InventorySerial No. Specs

Identify an unlimited number of specifications such as Year, Make, Model, Engine, etc. for serviced vehicles or equipment. Serial No. Specs are displayed on the Sales Order as well as the Task/Work Order. Hours/Miles info can be captured per service event. 


Reports Back to Top

SalesBudget to Actual Configurable

Budget based report compares Budget to Actual for two different periods

SalesBudget to Actual Configurable with Average

Budget to Actual comparison with previous year Actual and Average comparison.

SalesBudget to Actual Configurable by Profit Center

Budget to Actual for a selected Profit Center. Two different periods can be selected in the print dialog configuration.

SalesBudget to Actual Config. by Profit Center w/ Avg

Budget to Actual comparison by Profit Center with previous year Actual and Average comparison.

SalesBudget Detail by Profit Center

Budget for each account for the selected Profit Center and month and the year to date amounts.

Improvement: Standardized Inventory Label

Added Lot Number and UOM info to the Print Dialog and Label Print-out