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8.1 EBMS Enhancements


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  • Menu reorder and label changes: Several entities within EBMS have been changed and menu's reordered.
    • Main menu change: [F]ile, [E]dit, [S]ales, [I]nventory, E[x]penses, [L]abor, Fi[n]ancials (NOTE: Shortcuts have changed)
    • Tasks as moved under the Labor menu and Depreciation under Financial
    • Employees have become Workers (other than where they are specifically W2 Workers.
    • Inventory becomes Product, unless it is actually stock inventory. E.g. Products > Options > General > Inventory Method.
    • General Ledger becomes either Financials or Accounts
    • Folders have become Categories
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  • Inactive Switch Added; Inactive Folder Deprecated: The Inactive folders have all been replaced by an Inactive switch on Inventory, Customers, Vendors, Employees, and Work Codes. Existing Inactive folders will not be removed if there are items in them but the Inactive switch will be turned on when upgrading. A new option on Search dialogs will allow Inactive items to be hidden even when viewing 'All Folders'. | CR214212 225
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  • EBMS Server Manager: A completely new way of managing the connection of client workstations to the data server. Many new features added, including port/firewall troubleshooting and EBMS Administrator notifications. | Details CR314305 225
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  • Print Logging: On every Proposal, Sales Order, and Purchase Order is recorded a list of all reports printed. These reports can be quickly reprinted right from the list. The document can also be queried by the last printed report/form. | Details CR318019 225
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  • US Zip and Canadian Postal Code database has been updated
  • EBMS Install/Update Auto Download: EBMS Server Manager will check nightly for the presence of an installation image and download it to the server if it exists. Once it is downloaded an email notification will be sent to the EBMS Administrator who can then login to the server and initiate the update. The EBMS Data server will be updated and all the company data files. When the workstation clients login they will be prompted to update as well. | CR350412 227

SalesAccounts Receivable and Sales

  • Sales Order Footer: New layout with added Sales Order Balance and more. | CR208697 225
  • Ship Via - Formulas and Rate Types Clarified: Rate type options no longer include formulas. They have been moved as options of Formulas. A new Delivery rate type has been added. When using Shipping Manager all Rate Types export to the export table, not just UPS. | Details CR321139 225
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  • Lost Sale - Document/Report EBMS User: Identify which EBMS User recorded the lost sale. CR317553 225
  • Signature Capture Floor: Only require a signature when the sale is above a specified amount (PAYware Connect only). | Details CR245430 225
  • Ship To Phone/Email: Different phone and email fields are used for Bill To and Ship To contacts on the Sales Order. | CR304515 225
  • Proposal Refresh: Completely revamped Proposal!  Now includes Ship To, freight,and sales tax calculations. | CR310291 226
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  • Sales Order Description: Now shown on the Memo tab. | CR310291 226
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  • AVV/CVV2 Rules and Actions: Control whether a payment transaction is accepted or denied when there is an payment card AVS or CVV2 mismatch. | CR358569 227


  • Adjust Counts: Import, Edit lists of Track Count inventory and adjust all the counts as a batch. | CR284020 225
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  • Vendor Availability/Stock: Pull and store Vendor stock amounts per item using Vendor Catalog. From the Sales Order open a list of vendors for an item and their stock of the item. | Details CR281090 225
  • Scan as Main UnitSet Units of Measure so that the quantity of the Main Unit is entered into a Sales Order or Purchase Order instead of the package or case UOM. | CR343957 226
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  • Manufacturer Source: Distributors often provide lists of the manufacturers they provide and their internal ID's. By importing these files one can map your company's preferred ID's to the Distributor's. | Details CR201370 225
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InventoryPayroll & Labor

  • Makeup Pay column added to Employee Payment window: Quick visual on which timecards have Makeup pay included. | CR266193 225

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SalesCRM/AutoSend Enhancements

  • Timecard Mode: Email/Fax/Print Direct Deposit Notices for your employees. | Details CR240184 225
  • People List: Now shown on the General tab of Customers, Vendors and Employees. Many new fields added per contact. | CR196692 225
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SalesShipping Manager

  • Shipment Document: A unique shipment document per Sales Order that records shipment specific information including packages. Required for all shipping integrations such as UPS, FedEx, USPS, and GlobalTranz | CR293031 225
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  • Inventory Counts - Prevent web purchases exceeding available stock quantity. | Details
  • Bootstrap- Implemented Bootstrap into code framework.

SalesRecurring Billing

Sales Advanced Sales Tax

  • Sales Tax by Quantity: Calculate sales tax by dollars per quantity (e.g. FET) instead of a percentage of price. | CR326332 226
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Sales Serialized Item Specifications

  • Added to Proposal: Serialized Item Specifications are now available on the Proposal, just as they are on the Sales Order. CR311332 226
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  • Inventory Availability with Rental Items: Considers inventoried items reserved for rental contracts when calculating On Hand, etc. | CR283665 225
  • Rental Contract - Estimate SO Total: Estimate the SO total of the rented and consumed products directly from the Rental Contract. | CR330101 (additional tweaks to the Rental Contract introduced in video; CR303958 and CR222414 226
  • Rental Schedule Additional Statuses: Missed Check Out, Missed Reservation, Pickup Needed: Better insight into the status of products rented. | CR275084, CR352219 226
  • Rental Contract Statuses: Pending, Canceled: Create a Contract and set it to "Pending" if the customer is unsure, or "Canceled" if they decide not to. | CR352952, CR352969 227
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  • Editable Batch Status: Additional Statuses can be added for use on the Manufacturing Batch. | Details CR272176 225
  • Manufacturing Schedule: New dialog that allows for searching and querying manufacturing batches. Important batch information such as dates and status can be edited from this list. | Details CR272446 225
  • End Date, Entry Date fields per Mfg Batch: Added End Date and Entry Date fields to the Manufacturing batch for scheduling purposes. | Details CR271204 225
  • Append Component Descriptions to Finished Good: Leverage the 'Show on Printed Document' switch on the component to decide what descriptions should be appended to the Finished Good. | Details CR314144 225
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SalesInventory Purchasing

  • Special Orders: Query by Ship Date: Only list special orders in inventory purchasing that will be shipped to the customer or used on a manufacturing batch within a specific number of days. | CR294340 225

InventoryProduct Application Guide

  • Universal Parts: Certain automotive parts can be flagged as 'Universal' and fit all vehicles. | CR278954 225

PayrollTasks & Work Orders

  • Pipelines: Configure pipeline phases per task type and identify the current phase a task is in. Rank the current priority of a task. Record the time spent in each phase and report on it.  Useful for workflow and CRM scenarios. | CR322708 227


Prorate pretaxes based on the gross wage locations

  • When a pretax applies to more than one tax of the same type:
    • Prorate the pretax across the taxes that apply, in proportion to the gross wages of those locations | CR278954 225

New Modules Back to Top

SalesSEMA Data Co-op Integration

  • Details CR280318 225

SalesShipping Manager

  • A new module that contains data common to numerous shipping companies. Required for all shipping integrations such as UPS, FedEx, USPS, and GlobalTranz | Details CR293031 225

SalesSQL Mirror

  • A live mirror of your EBMS data to an SQL Server! Choose what tables and fields you wish to replicate in SQL for access by any of the many programs that can consume the data through SQL. Microsoft Power BI is our favorite. | Details CR313561 225

SalesEBMS MyTime 1.5 - Windows 10 Store App

  • A Windows 10 Store app for PC, tablet, or phone that allows the user to clock into work codes and tasks while remote. 
  • Labor tracking on the go! Efficiently manage a variety of work orders, phone calls, contacts, and other tasks while in the shop, on the road, or around the world. Integrated directly with the labor management tools of EBMS ERP, EBMS MyTime is a powerful way to enable workers of all types to quickly and easily record their time.

Workers who may benefit most from this app:

  • Mechanical Contractors doing HVAC and plumbing
  • Outside Sales Reps
  • Service Technicians
  • Shop Technicians

EBMS ERP 8.1.225+ is required, including the Payroll, CRM, and Task & Work Order modules. All information entered and edited is saved in EBMS ERP in real time; an internet connection to the EBMS data server is required | CRB5536 225
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Reports Back to Top

SalesLost Sales by User

    • Assess which users reported a lost sale.

SalesSO/Invoice Form PDF icon

    • The SO/Invoice, PO/Invoice and Proposal forms have been updated to reflect a more contemporary look and feel. Larger logo, increased area for notes, and more.