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Version 7.7 Enhancements


7.7 SplashThe goal of the team at Eagle Business Software is to enhance the tools used to manage companies more effectively. Enhancing the user interface and the power of the system continue to be the focus as the software is updated.

This page lists the major items that have been enhanced in version 7.7. Some details and minor changes may not be included in the following list.





General Enhancements | Module Enhancements

General Enhancements ^Top

Accounts Receivable and Sales

  • Payment Dialog | Details...
    The payment dialog has been changed considerably to enhance the ease of use and facilitate a touch screen monitor
  • Bracketed Terms | Details...
    Two additional bracketed terms options have been added: __%Down, Balance Due Net __Days, __% Down __% Due on Delivery, Balance Due Net __ Days.
  • Keyboard Shortcut | Details...
    Additional Short cuts added for change customer and to select next available ARINVDET line
  • Sales Invoice Entry Date
    Sales Order entry date is moved to bottom right of screen
  • Sales Tax | Details...
    "Explain Sales Tax and how we got there" feature in sales documents. EBMS will explain how the sales tax rate was calculated by selecting View > Sales Tax Explanation from the menu within an invoice or proposal.
  • Timeclock Parameters | Details
    The payroll system includes Clock in / Clock out parameters to limit an employee's ability to clock in before a specified time, clock out after a specified time, and to manage lunch breaks. 

  • In-Field Harvest Manager | Details
    The In-Field Harvest Manager is used to record harvest yield remotely in the field or orchard as well as labor details. The tablet device will replace the traditional picker ticket to track piecework payroll and harvest yield amounts.
  • New payroll clock in/out list | Details
    A new employee list view displays a list of employees for a specific folder group. The list shows the clock in times of employees that are currently clocked into EBMS. The view allows the user to clock in or out individual employees or an entire group of employees.
  • Payroll code modernization 
    Payroll timecard code modernization for easier integration with 3rd party and customizations
Module Enhancements ^Top
Credit Card Processing 
  • Gift Card Details...
    A new Gift Card feature is integrated into EBMS if Credit Cards are processed by the software

  • EBMS can process EBT payment cards  Details...
  • Mx915 Compatibility with EBMS | Details
    The MX915 payment device is now supported
Sales Person
  • Sales Person Commissions | Details...
    Summarize/manage commission per invoice. The commissions for an invoice can be summarized by using a new Summarize by Invoice option found in the commission transaction dialog by clicking the transaction button at Sales > Options > Salesman > Commissions tab

Job Costing

  • Sales Tax Jurisdictions with Jobs | Review Site section of Details
    The site address within a job is used as the shipping address used to calculate sales tax in the sales invoice
  • Ability to Merge Job Stages | Details...
    Jobs and Job Stages can now be merged.
Inventory Components and Accessories
  • Attach Different Quantity of Accessory Items | Details...
    The quantity of accessories can be added based on a fixed quantity or a multiplier calculated from the quantity of the parent item.
Serialized Whole Goods
  • Auto Serial_No Generation | Details
    The software includes the option to auto generate a serial number for a manufactured number. 
Inventory Lots Tracking
  • Tracking inventory lots by lot number and/or date | Details
    A completely redesigned lots module is being introduced to track lot numbers or expiration dates for individual lots within an inventory item. 
  • Average-costed Lots | Details
    Lots can be managed using an average cost per inventory item rather than FIFO costs. 
  • Bar coded lot numbers | Details
    Lot number bar codes can be scanned within a sales order or manufacturing batch to identify the lot and the inventory ID. 

Multiple Warehouse

  • In Transit Warehouse Transfers - Add Received Column Details...
    The warehouse transfer tickets now include a received column to accommodate transfers in transit

 Wireless Scanner Options

  • New received quantity for warehouse transfer | Details...
    Additional functions are added to the mobile scanner for warehouse transfer processes.
  • Allow UPC association on purchase order | Details...
    The mobile scanner can associate UPC codes to items in receiving mode.
  • Create and Show backorder | Details...
    The 'create backorder' within the mobile scanner now shows the PO Backorder number.
Inventory Advanced Purchasing
  • Advanced Purchasing month exclusions | Details...
    The EBMS e-commerce purchasing module allows the user to exclude months from the stock level calculations
  • Advanced Purchasing Superseded Items | Details...
    The advanced purchasing module will use the history from superseded items to properly predict stock levels

E-Commerce Enhancements

  • Multiple Images on Items and Folders | Details... 
    Up to twelve images can now be attached to a single item or folder within EBMS and displayed on the website item and group pages.
  • Improved Editing Tools in Web Manager | Details... 
    The Web Administrator now uses RAD editing tools that include improved tools to change and update the static content of the website.
  • Store Customer Credit Card Information on Account | Details
    A customer can choose to store credit card information on their customer account for use on future web purchases.
  • Web Account Management | Details                           
    • Password Recovery System
      The EBMS e-commerce includes a password recovery system to allow the user to recover their password from the website.
    • Force Password: Customers that have an existing web account in EBMS can enter their username in the website login. The customer is then asked to create a password to finish setting up their web account.
    • New Web Account Matching - Create new web account form can be setup to  search email address to match an existing EBMS account with the new web login.

  • Gift Cards |Details... 
    Gift Cards can be used to purchase online if the Gift Card option is installed in EBMS.
Rental Module
  • Swipe and Store credit card | Details...
    The Rental Module allows the user to swipe the user's credit card and attach to the rental contract

Development of this version has ended.

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