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7.9 EBMS Enhancements

This version continues to be in the development stage. Review this section in the future for additional features and details.

General Enhancements Back to Top

SalesAccounts Receivable and Sales

  • Lost Sale: Track sales lost because of low stock, out-of-stock scenarios and more. | Details CR113896 224
  • Purchase to Order: Use components assigned to a Track Count item to modify the description and the price as it is entered onto a Sales Order. The "custom" product can than be added to a Purchase Order with description and price intact using Purchase Methods. | Details CR280352 224
  • Loyalty Program Integration: Integrated Gift/Loyalty programs are available through GiveX | Details CR286576 224
  • Customer Messages: Added an option to include the Ship To customer in the evaluation of messages | Details CR290957


  • Inventory Returns: Track reasons for product returns. Also return and dispose, return to stock or return for warranty. | Details CR119031 224
  • Inventory Stock Levels: Visually identify stock levels by color coding items in the inventory list based on Net Ordered as a percentage of the Minimum Stock Level | Details CR269342 224
  • ETA Date: Specify expected Lead Days per vendor and per product. ETA Dates are calculated on the Purchase Order based on the Lead Days of the vendor and the products. | Details CR258209 224
  • Base Price added to Purchasing Dialog: Base Price added, but defaulted to hidden, on Inventory Purchasing dialog. | Details CR288649 224
  • Batch Inventory edit: Basic inventory information, such as description, weight, cost, base price, can be imported from a spreadsheet and existing inventory records updated. | Details CR278848 224

InventoryPayroll & Labor

  • Minimum Wage per Employee: A minimum wage can now be set per employee vs company wide. | Details CR272892 224


  • State field length:  State fields were extended from 2 characters to 3 characters to support ISO-3166 standards. | Details CR262718 224
  • Document Address update:  When addresses of Customers and Vendors are changed Sales Orders, Proposals, Purchase Orders etc. will be checked and changed. | Details CR285166 224
  • Customer/Vendor Abort Message Manager Over-Ride:  A Manager over-ride can be set for all Abort type messages setup for customers and vendors. | Details CR269768 224

Module Enhancements Back to Top

Accounts PayableAdvanced Inventory Forecasting Enhancements

SalesAutoSend Enhancements

  • Default Subject and Body message settings per Send Now option on a document. CR245588 224
  • E-Mail Subject and Body messages can now pull values from any field in the customer, invoice etc. by using keywords such as <ARINV.ADDRESS1>. CR230523 224 

SalesUPS Integration


  • Responsive design for all store pages. Our sites can be developed to respond to any size screen including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. | Details
  • New and Improved Shopping Cart. The new design enhances and simplifies user experience. Responsive design for any device. | Details
  • New and improved full website search. | Details
  • Save item in the shopping cart for later. | Details
  • Optional Components: Calculate pricing real time as options are selected. Option to print quote. | Details
  • Components: List individual items for sale in the kit. | Details
  • Order Email Confirmation: includes link to EBMS order when copied to admin email. | Details
  • Suppress Shipping Method if calculation is free option.
  • CMS: Show search results instead of 404 page. Redirect and url writing added.  Ability to add/edit alt and title tags to main and slideshow images. 

SalesPayment Processing

  • Verifone Point
    • Integrate with the Verifone Point Payment gateway. Provides EMV support. CR225786 224
  • Loyalty Program Integration

SalesPercentage Discount

  • Limit Use per Customer: Specify a limited number of times a Discount code can be used per Bill To customer | Details CR283291 224

SalesRecurring Billing

Choose Future or Past Bill Dates on Invoice


Item Rental Tab: Add Rental Equipment List

  • On the Rental tab of a Rental Code is now displayed a list a Rental Equipment that uses the Rental Code. CR296477 224

New Modules Back to Top


A small add-on to Tasks & Work Orders

    • Create Calendar Appointments from EBMS Tasks
      • Includes the ability to designate a “scheduler” of appointments
      • An .ics file is created and then opened by the default calendar program
    • Email EBMS Task Authors/Assignees (If Outlook is installed and configured)
    • IM EBMS Task Authors/Assignees (If Lync is installed and configured)
    • Open EBMS Hyperlinks from Task Notes
      • Right-click menu in task notes for hyperlinks such as ebms:task?35469
    • Search Outlook emails for references to a task
      • Outlook must be running and Mail screen open
      • Only looks for the ticket number in the subject of the task
    • Integration with Google Maps
      • Adds a maps tab to customers, sales orders, tasks
      • Directions always originate from primary company address
      • Map Routes can be created based on the On-Site appointments scheduled for an employee for a specified day.  They are ordered by start time.
      • GPS Address can be used instead of street address

        See Documentation CR284829 224

PayrollEBMS MyTime - Windows 10 App

A Windows 10 Store app for PC, tablet, or phone that allows the user to clock into work codes and tasks while remote. | Details CRB5536 224

Inventory Inventory Sync

Sync product creation and changes across company databases.  When a user creates a product in one company database it will appear in another, when a price, description etc. is changed in one company it will change in all. | Details CR263307 224

Reports Back to Top

SalesCustomer Sales Tax Exemptions

This report prints a list of all customers that are sales tax exempt. This report can display all customers or only the customer whose exemptions are expired.

SalesDual Column Work Order with Serial Number Detail

  • INSS & TA Module
  • This work order form shows the materials and labor connected to a task. It includes the details of the Serialized Item connected to the task.

SalesSales Volume by Week Day and Time

Reports sales amounts, invoice count, and averages per day of the week. The Dept. Prompt is only for the Invoice header department and not the individual detail lines. Fill in the "Show top ___ Customers and Items" to list your top sellers.

SalesImprovement: Bank Account Reconciliation

Can be used for all reconciled accounts