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11/15/2021 - 10:04:55 AM

Online EBMS Training Event recorded on Wednesday, November 10th, 2021.

This webinar covers preparing your EBMS payroll for the end of the year.


Positions that may find this session helpful: EBMS administrators, Payroll admin

Skill Level: Basic to Intermediate


When using the time track app, how does an employee enter a vacation day if they do not have the app on their phone?

While it is not common to use the Windows time tack app to track vacation, it would technically be possible to clock out at the end of the day and assign that day's time to a vacation work code. However, the recommended way would be entering the vacation time on the timecard in EBMS.

When we used paper time cards, the employees wrote on the time cards when they wanted to use a vacation day. Now with the time track app, they cannot do this. Currently the employee needs to let the manager know they want to use a vacation day, but sometimes they forget to tell the manager or it just gets missed entering it on the timecard.

Correct, they would need to let the manager know since this is not part of daily hour clock ins. No clock in hours should be entered for any vacation, holiday, or sick pay. Only an entry at the bottom section of the timecard with the appropriate pay type in order to calculate pay and record the hours taken on this type.

What version is required for the 1099s?

EBMS version 236 is required in order to process 1099s from payroll timecards and vendors that were not covered in this webinar. Standard 1099s from vendor invoice payments only are included in all EBMS versions.

How do you change the default pay type (like from salary to commission) for an employee?

On the timecard you simply change the type on a separate line from the default pay. It will allow you to choose any type that is available or entered under the worker > pay tab.

Can a dollar amount be added to a benefit or reimbursement type? An example is that when reimbursing an employee for health insurance or phone, this dollar amount would always be the same.

It depends on the type set under the benefit. Vacation, holiday, and sick pay should be tracked by the hour so no dollar amounts can be entered there. Bonus, commissions, and reimbursements should be entered as a dollar type and then could have the dollar amount entered on the timecard detail line each time the pay type is used.


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