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View the Job Costing webinar

6/14/2021 - 12:16:00 PM

Online EBMS Training Event recorded on Wednesday, June 9th, 2021.

This webinar covers the purpose of job costing, creating jobs, attaching proposals, and progress billing.


Positions that may find this session helpful: Sales, Bookkeepers, Managers

Skill Level: Basic / Intermediate


Should Job Costing be used for construction projects that are only a week in length or is it only ideal for longer projects?

Job costing can definitely be used in shorter term projects if the profitability is desired to be seen within the job itself but may not be needed based on the simplicity of the job. The main reason you may not need to create a job for a short term project is when there are very few different purchases and labor items that would need to go towards the job. Then you could see all the profitability within a sales invoice, based off of linked material costs and linked labor costs from tasks, etc.

Can I use Job Costing for internal projects like shop maintenance or office work?

This could be used for that if it's something you are wanting to track all your expenses within. It wouldn't be from the profitability perspective since there is no revenue generated for this type of project.

If you use Job Costing for internal jobs, when should you close the job and create a new one?

We wouldn't recommend letting it be drawn out for too long. It may also not be relevant depending to what internal jobs you are using it for. Please reach out to a support or Job costing expert to discuss your specific scenario.

How do I apply a down payment to a job?

The same as any customer down payment. Down payments are done thru and applied to customer sales orders.

If the budget for the job uses the proposal, can the proposal still be sent as a proposal?

Yes, the proposal is just the standard proposal and can be printed, emailed, etc as any proposal can.


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