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9/16/2021 - 11:35:33 AM

Online EBMS Training Event recorded on Wednesday, September 8th, 2021.

This webinar covers ways to protect sensitive data and restrict processes from users. Review the standard security setting, user based security, and advanced security based on information.

Positions that may find this session helpful: EBMS administrators

Skill Level: Intermediate


Can I set security settings to have my salesmen not able to DELETE a sales order

You CAN set security on the delete menu item of EBMS in a sales order, but you cannot prevent someone from deleting a specific field of the invoice while still allowing them to change that field (This was answered partially incorrectly during the webinar.)

Can admin and manager users be able to change security settings?

No, only administrator users can make changes to security settings.

Are the are any logs I can see what fields users are accessing?

We do not currently have the ability to run any reports that would let you see that information

One of our users is using our Server as her main computer for EBMS. Can you list some of the risks we face because of this?

Allowing your users to use a server as a workstation means that she could access the tables where the data is stored, and read any information there, as well as make changes. Plus, if a user is using the server as a workstation, that increases your risk of things like data hacks, crypto-viruses, etc. getting to your server.

Do the EBMS security settings not apply to server access?

EBMS Security settings only apply to the EBMS application, MyEBMS, or webhooks & API. It does NOT apply to Windows itself.

How do I remove a user or temporarily disable them

Using an administrator account, go to File > Users, then select the user from the dropdown. From here you can set them to “No Access” if you want to allow them to login but see nothing. Or you can check the box for “inactive” and that will prevent them from logging in.

Can you delete a user that has a history of transactions?

Yes, you can delete a user that has a history of transactions.


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