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Record labor and materials at the job site

6/17/2021 - 4:05:52 PM

Leverage the MyJobs app to track costs from the job site.

Most construction projects, installation solutions, and service contracts require that crews operate almost exclusively outside of the office. As large amounts of material and labor are consumed, recording these costs can prove a challenge. Now supervisors and foremen are leveraging the EBMS MyJobs app to address these common challenges while at the job site.

Job labor must be recorded with some accuracy in order to create accurate quotes, set budgets, and manage costs. The MyJobs App provides a simple way for the supervisor to efficiently record time for his crew. The supervisor simply selects a group of employees and clocks-in the entire crew at one time.MyJobs-Blog

Job progress is also recorded at clock in/out by selecting a job stage. Workers from the same crew may simultaneously be clocked into different stages. Labor is recorded when employees finish a stage and clock into the next one.

Does your inventory sometimes seem to disappear into a deep dark hole? Large amounts of job materials and supplies are often known to go missing between the shop and job site, making it impossible to maintain accurate inventory and job costs. The MyJobs app enables your crew to quickly and immediately record materials and supplies from wherever they are. Whether resupplying the truck or pulling materials to be used at the jobsite - your crew can record materials without wasting time.  Supervisor-2

Job details are available at your fingertips! Whether on the road, at the job site, or in the shop you can search and view a variety of job details. Gain access to job details, history, labor, and summaries and make informed decisions from anywhere. 

Advantages for job supervisors include:

  • Track time quickly and accurately while on the job site.
  • Clock several workers in/out of a job at one time.
  • Record job progress by selecting a stage when clocking in
  • Expense materials to a job
  • View labor summaries and job details 
  • Create and edit jobs from anywhere

This app connects to the Job Costing and Payroll features in the EBMS ERP software. This app is a subscription-based feature of MyEBMS and is available on late version Android and iOS devices. A Windows 10 Store app is also available. This app requires an internet connection.

The MyJobs app is only one feature of the MyEBMS app. Features such as customer accounts, managing tasks, and entering orders are also available. Contact your account manager or request a demo to get started.

Try it! 

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