Partnering with the leading distributors to set the standard in the automotive industry

2/10/2016 - 4:42:21 PM
Keystone & EBMS Partnership
Looking for an integrated solution to help you manage your shop more efficiently? EBMS has partnered with some of the leading distributors to provide a complete and streamlined business management software for the automotive industry. Complete accounting, integrated POS, inventory management, special orders, parts catalog, data integrations, and tasks and work orders are only a few of the modules offered in Eagle Business Management Software.

Don’t just take our word for it. Read what our customers have to say about EBMS for the automotive industry:

“The reason I went with EBMS was because it is the most versatile product for the automotive industry. I’m very pleased with your system. The software allows for much flexibility.” – ECS Auto Stores

“Eagle Business Software has taken our inventory management to a whole new level. It has allowed us to manage customers and their orders quickly and precisely...” - Ultimate Car & Truck Accessories

“EBMS has helped us achieve efficiency not just for our point-of-sale software needs, but our accounting needs as well. It has helped reduce the amount of time that was spent on searching for certain transactions, tracking parts, monitoring our inventory, and keep our accounting up to date. Our goal is to continue to grow our business, and EBMS will be a major tool in helping us become the successful company that we desire. Overall I am very pleased with the product and would recommend EBMS to anyone looking to help assist their company for all of their point-of-sale software and accounting needs.” - Allout Offroad, Inc

“I appreciate that EBMS is willing to address our personal needs and implement them quickly. [The software] works very well with our business needs.” - Yipes Auto Accessories of Northern Vermont

“EBMS Enables us to track more product and information. It is also a big help in costing our products and in turn has helped to ensure our parts are priced correctly to our customers. Support staff at EBMS have been very helpful and timely for responses. Reports are a HUGE help for tracking customer information. Saving documents areas for parts, orders, or customers is also a big help.” – R.E.M. Automotive Parts, Inc

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