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Insider Series | The EBMS API Gateway

2/11/2020 - 2:55:51 PM

It is all about automation! The Application Programming Interface (API) Gateway allows developers to easily interact with EBMS data from other applications. 

This episode is part of an ongoing video series demonstrating tips, tricks, highlights, and features to help you get the most out of your Eagle Business Management Software. In today's video, Nathaniel introduces the API Gateway and how to use EBMS data from other applications.

The brand new EBMS API is an exciting new frontier as we make available cutting-edge automation. This method of getting and writing data between EBMS and other software helps you automate processes.  

In its simplest form an API allows one application to talk to another application. This could be used to connect EBMS to email in Outlook, interact with complex product configurators, access customer accounts from a mobile app, interface with powerful business software to create data visualizations and reports, and much more! This technology enables you to create automation without advanced programming skills.  

This video covers -

  • An explanation of an Application Programming Interface (API) 
  • How RESTful API's work using http requests to change data in EBMS
  • A few examples of triggers and common actions 
  • How to use Power Automate to connect EBMS with Outlook
  • How to to create a simple workflow
  • The requirements for getting started

Are you ready to get started? Use these step-by-step instructions: 

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