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Insider Series | MyTime

10/28/2021 - 9:45:05 AM


Record labor, lookup tasks, and search equipment specifications while in the field, on the shop or manufacturing floor.

This episode is part of an ongoing video series demonstrating tips, tricks, and features to help you get the most out of Eagle Business Management Software. In today's video, Nathaniel highlights the MyTime app and how to record data in real-time while in the field, on the shop or manufacturing floor.

Designed with the first-line worker in mind, this field service app features a personalized home view to streamline the experience and keep away the distraction of other tasks.

This video covers - 

  • Personalized home screens for the first-line worker
  • Time tracking & review
  • Adding, searching, & scanning products while on site
  • Recording equipment specifications

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Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to another episode of our EBMS insider series. This is a regular video series we do to demonstrate tips, tricks, highlight features, and provide other information to help you get the most out of your software. My name is Nathaniel Gingrich. I'm the Chief Product Officer of Eagle Business Software. In this episode we'll be spending time looking at the MyTime app and dive into some of the more obscure features of it. The features we'll be looking at are available in EBMS 8.4. The MyTime app has been built with three primary scenarios in mind; first of all as a field service app for technicians out on the road, and then as a shop floor management app, and finally as a manufacturing floor management app. It's been designed with the first line worker in mind; the person on the floor doing the work. This app enables data collection to occur in real time. It's a touch friendly, intuitive, deeply integrated app as it interacts with EBMS in real time, reducing double entry, provides both a personalized experience and a kiosk mode enabling multiple folks to use the same device. This app is available on all Windows 10 and Windows 11 devices whether it's a desktop, a laptop, or a tablet, and since it's available from the Microsoft Store it's easy to install and always up to date. With some of the new tablets coming out with cellular connections you're able to experience the power of this app no matter where you are. When using the app each worker is set up with their own personalized home view. This helps streamline the experience and keep them from being distracted by other tasks. They have their day view; you can set up different task groups, task queries, and then work codes that maybe non-billable work or other things they may clock into. All of this is being kept up to date automatically with the information in EBMS. MyTime is a powerful time and attendance tool that allows your worker to record what they're doing in the moment. They can record time to the work code, to a job, job stage. They can document notes, billing and internal. And all of this data collection is happening in real time, being sent to their time card details to reduce double entry. Not only can time be recorded to the task but products as well. You can ship the products that you brought along, record that you've used it or you can add additional products that you may need for the project at hand. With MyTime you have a powerful search of the product catalog and if the product is not available on your truck you can stop by your supplier and as you're adding it to the sales order, a purchase order is automatically created linking the purchase to this sale, to this task, to this project, so you have a complete audit trail and expensing for the job. Not only can you effectively search for products but you can also scan them into the sales order either through the camera on the tablet or using a dedicated barcode scanner. If you're working on a piece of equipment you can give it a unique identifier; a serial number of some sort. You can record specific information regarding that and even the hours or the mileage that might be beneficial in your service history. Not only can i record specifications for this piece of equipment, I can also go and look for related tasks whether it's based on serial number or for this customer, in order to see service history and other information that may be helpful as I troubleshoot and service that piece of equipment. If you have a local connection to the data server or operating across a VPN, you can access files that may be relevant to the job or you could take pictures and store them with the task. Often you may have more than one person assigned to a task and just like in EBMS, MyTime allows you to assign multiple people and record time for all of them at the end of the day. You may require workers to go in and review what they've done and it gives them the opportunity to adjust notes and clock in and clock out times as they wrap up their day. Workers not only have access to the tasks that are assigned to them or maybe in various queries but they can search the entire task database in EBMS and have all of that information at their disposal. MyTime has not only been designed for the technician but also for the manufacturing floor, and so if a task is associated with a manufacturing batch in EBMS, workers are able to record what they're using in an assembly or some other manufacturing process. Now that we've looked at a lot of the features in MyTime, let's look at some tips and ways in which we can more effectively use the app. First of all you can adjust the clock in / clock out time in those cases where you may have missed doing so earlier when you're done with a task. You don't even need to open it up before going on to the next one. All you need to do is record a description of what you have done and clock into the next task which will clock you out of the previous. If that task is completed simply flag it at the bottom with complete task on clock out and as you clock into the next one it will not only clock you out of the previous but it will complete it as well. MyTime supports barcode scanning, and if you have a kiosk where you have many workers walking up and logging in, you can give them each a barcoded badge, and as they walk up they can scan their badge; it clocks them in, they get their personalized screen, and if you have a work order that's following the job, they can scan the work order. It'll open up the task within MyTime and they can record the product they're using. They can clock in / clock out using it in a very effective and efficient way. EBMS has a very nice feature in which predefined descriptions can be created so workers can simply click and choose those canned descriptions. MyTime has that as well, and not only can they use these descriptions but there's other effective ways of getting information in and taking notes. With Windows 10 and 11 there's a great transcription service where you can talk to type and it will enter that into the notes as well. And finally there's no replacement for keyboard shortcuts. When you're at your desk interacting with this app you have powerful keyboard shortcut commands at your disposal. So eliminate double entry, capture data as it happens, and keep everyone in the know in real time. Thank you for watching. Visit info.egobusinesssoftware.com/support/insider to access all the EBMS insider episodes. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us and be sure to check back next month for another EBMS insider episode.

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