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Insider Series | Independence Apps

7/3/2019 - 5:25:59 AM


The future of EBMS includes apps! On this first holiday week of July, discover how you can gain further independence by accessing EBMS from anywhere!

This third episode in an ongoing video series, demonstrates tips, tricks, highlights, and features to help you get the most out of your EBMS software. In this video, Nathaniel talks about our mobile app strategy and the future of using EBMS on your tablet and phone.

Become an independent user and access EBMS from anywhere! In this episode we explore the apps available and how to configure EBMS for these apps.

This video includes: 

  • Understanding the platform and timeline for EBMS apps
  • An introduction to MyTime and MyDispatch labor management apps
  • The future of the MyEBMS family of apps
  • A sneak peak at the MyCustomers app
  • How to enable and configure EBMS for apps
  • How to install apps on your device

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Happy Independence! 

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