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Insider Series | Improve EBMS Performance

8/5/2020 - 5:25:54 AM

Here smack dab in the hazy days of summer, is there more than just heat impacting ambition and production? Today we look at some EBMS configuration options that can speed up your experience. 

This fourth episode in an ongoing video series, demonstrates tips, tricks, highlights, and features to help you get the most out of your EBMS software. In this video, Nathaniel evaluates and explains a few system options that can be optimized to increase speed and performance.

You may have some work stations that are slower or folks using EBMS in a certain role that will benefit by changing some system options. Make sure your system is running at optimum efficiency!

This video includes: 

  • How to enable background printing
  • Optimize the timing that auto refreshes changes
  • How to speed up systems with complex inventory processes 
  • Evaluate various processes and whether they can be turned off to speed up your system 
  • How to automate maintenance utilities 

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Looking for more? Check out the previous episode or visit our YouTube channel. 

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