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Insider Series | EBMS for Metal Supply

10/16/2019 - 5:25:00 AM

Today's special episode focuses on EBMS features and tools specifically for the Metal Supply community.

Businesses that sell and manufacture metal face a variety of challenges in their workflow and processes. These challenges include pricing by the linear foot, creating and stocking custom trim, and selling building packages efficiently. Watch this video to learn how EBMS is partnering with the metal industry to address these challenges and decrease quote to delivery time.  

This video covers—

  • Selling building packages more efficiently
  • Controlling large amounts of material from raw material to produced product
  • Calculating random length prices to quote metal by the linear foot 
  • Selling stock and custom trim packages
  • An overview of the Variobend integration to create and manage multiple trim profiles 
  • The integration to send product and order information directly to your roll former
  • The online customer portal that allows customers to quickly order metal online
  • How to enter multiple lengths, manage colors, and create a manufacturing batch - all from one order entry 
  • A simple way to batch process sales orders based on parameters and queries
  • The value of automatic customer notifications

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