EBMS for the Trailer Industry

9/9/2015 - 2:51:18 PM
EBMS for the Trailer Industry

A good, quality trailer is important. Whether your customers are carrying personal items for vacation, or hauling materials needed in their jobs, they need a reliable trailer to get their cargo to their destination. Each industry has its own unique needs and requirements in order to run smoothly. The trailer industry is no exception. If you manufacture and sell trailers and trailer parts, you need EBMS to help keep your business organized.

Trailers have a large quantity of parts, and your business needs a way to keep track of them all. Managing a large inventory of parts is easy with EBMS. Our parts catalog module allows the user to access multiple parts price catalogs from multiple vendors. The inventory system also includes a tool that allows you to view products that are below your desired stock levels, and then create purchase orders. If you have parts that are special ordered from the supplier based on a request from the customer, we have tools to manage them as well.

Keep track of your vehicles and trailers using our Serialized Items module. Record trailer serial numbers into EBMS, as well as the VIN numbers for vehicles. Parts can also be added to customized trailers or vehicles before they are sold, so you can track inventory and upfitting costs.

Similarly, labor and billing information can also be tracked for individual jobs and customers. This creates a powerful work order system, and you can convert shop labor into billable time. If you have a storefront, our advanced point-of-sale tools allow for quick product lookup, barcode printing, and scanning options to make selecting items more quick and efficient.

Call 717-442-3247 or email sales@eaglebusinesssoftware.com to purchase EBMS for your business. We will also be at the North American Trailer Dealers Association (NATDA) Trade Show and Convention this year! The show is going on this weekend September 10-12 at the Music City Center in Nashville, TN. Join us at booth #807 and we will show you how EBMS can help make your business more efficient and more profitable.

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