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Build winning proposals that seal the deal...

5/27/2021 - 4:34:56 PM

The most universal question from customers seems to be “what's the price?” Answering this question often includes variables such as options, accessories, and custom pricing. Your team needs information at their fingertips to quickly and knowledgeably make sales.

What is your sales workflow? The new MyProposals app is designed to help you feel confident and sell from anywhere. While you probably won’t have as much fun as our lead developer (who sealed the deal with his fiancée during the creation of MyProposals), we think you will have almost as much fun wowing your clients and sealing those deals.   

Here are a few ways to seal the deal at the most important stage of the sales process:

Gain insight to sell with confidence

Access to accurate and current information is vital to answer questions on the spot. From pricing and availability to accessories and options, view your entire product catalog right from your mobile device. Get the information you need to confidently answer questions from proposal design to sign-off. 


Create quotes in real-time

The absolute best time to create proposals is right away. In a fast-paced world, capitalize on business opportunity by responding quickly with accurate quotes. There is no need to go back to the office to calculate pricing and create quotes. Build winning proposals from anywhere. Stop messing around, it's time to close some deals!

The MyProposals app contains many of the same powerful features as the EBMS ERP Proposals dialog and can be used from your mobile device.

Wow your customers

Calculate the estimate, collect the customer's signature, and process the proposal into a sales order all while with your customer. The MyProposals app generates the proposal, along with quote details, to get orders moving and notify the office staff. By using a combination of EBMS in the office and MyEBMS on the field, your proposals are integrated with billing, job costing, and financial management. Give your customers an efficient and smooth ride to the finish line. 


Advantages for your sales team:

  • Get visibility into pricing and proposal documents
  • Work on quotes in real-time
  • Ensure deals are getting the proper sign-off with signature approval
  • Send a proposal confirmation email to the customer

My Proposals is only one feature of the MyEBMS app. Features such as order entry, inventory management, and customer accounts are also available and integrated directly into the full EBMS ERP solution. This app is available for use on a late version Android or iOS device and the Windows 10 Store app. An internet connection is required.

The MyProposals app includes many of the features of the ERP Proposals feature. Contact your Account Manager to try it! 

Try it! 

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