4 Uses of EBMS for the Building Materials Industry

10/1/2015 - 3:53:20 PM
4 Uses of EBMS for the Building Materials Industry

Each industry is different, and has a number of different needs. It can be hard to find the right tool that will meet all of those needs. What if you could find a software solution that was customizable to fit your business, with only the parts you need? EBMS is that solution. Those in the Building Materials industry are certainly in need of a powerful tool that can help them manage their business. Here are just a few of the ways EBMS could help assist you in your business:

Building Packages
EBMS makes it easier to send proposals and quotes by allowing the user to create stock and custom building packages. You can price items such as product, labor, and services as a kit rather than individual prices. The costs, pricing, and profits of these building packages can be calculated based on perpetual inventory costs or current costs.

Managing Inventory
Working in Building Materials comes with a massive amount of inventory. Manage your roofing materials, lumber, and more with our software, which includes tools to manage purchasing, kitting, serialized items. You can also manage your inventory across multiple locations, which will allow an item to be purchased, stored, and sold from multiple locations, helpful if you have more than one store. There are also many more advanced options, and you can learn more about them here.

Random Length Metal
It’s a hassle to figure out what exactly a length of material will cost, but luckily EBMS makes it easy to calculate pricing and manage inventory for items based on the length without having to create inventory SKU numbers for each possible length. Use this powerful tool to create cut lists, determine cost and pricing for custom items like wood panels, replacement windows, or other specialty applications.

If a lot of what your business sells is made-to-order, then the manufacturing and kitting module of EBMS is a great way to manage those items. Calculate and print cut lists for doors, windows, and other custom made-to-order items. Pricing formulas can also be created based on options or product attributes for those custom made products. If your business is a made-to-order shop, then you need this module.

Are you starting to think you could benefit from EBMS? Give us a call at 717-442-3247 or email sales@eaglebusinesssoftware.com to purchase the software or find out more information.

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