2018 Annual Business Conference

3/15/2018 - 10:42:22 AM

Your business is growing. Do you have the tools to keep up with the day to day demands of changing technology? A strong IT environment and efficient business software is critical in managing that change. Join us at our Annual Business Conference to learn how you can grow and unlock the potential of your team, IT environment, and EBMS software.

Join us at the Annual Business Conference at Shady Maple, April 10, 2018. Learn More and Register

Annual Business Conference

April 10, 2018

Shady Maple Banquets

We have several speakers lined up, including consultant Laura Schanz presenting Value Driven Solutions. View the full agenda for the event here

You won't want to miss the afternoon sessions, either. Check out this year's list of breakout sessions, and choose 3 to attend when you register:

  • Network and IT Services
    Learn about the advantage that ECare can give you with services such as managed Backup Solutions, Anti-Virus, Web Protection, Patch Management, Secure Folder Sync Across Multiple Devices, and more!
  • Consulting Retainer
    The core purpose of this program is to optimize the value of EBMS in your business. You are assigned a lead consultant. Examples of the scope of service may include workflow, processes, specific user training systems, procedures for consistent use of EBMS The retainer also gives you a fast track to create custom features, custom reports, implementation of new modules and trainings. It’s a flexible process allowing you to create your own menu of needs, tasks and goals which results in better performance of your team and business.
  • MyTime Mobile Application
    Track labor, record notes, and add parts to a work order on the go with the MyTime mobile application
  • CRM
    Increase efficiency by using our CRM tools and automatically sending statements, invoices, and more from the EBMS software
  • Depreciable Assets
    Track the depreciation of fixed company assets such as vehicles, buildings, equipment, and more over a period of time in the EBMS software
  • Manufacturing and Kitting
    Track and schedule Made-To-Order and Made-For-Stock manufacturing batches within the EBMS software. This module is very helpful when creating finished inventory products from raw materials or assembling inventory kits before the sale of the items. Learn about the exciting new scheduling tools have been added to the manufacturing module in the latest 8.1 version of the software.
  • Purchasing and Special Order Tools
    Streamline the purchasing process by tracking inventory counts, maintain reorder points, and review purchase and sales history.
  • Credit Card Processing
    Learn about the transition of switching to the new EMV chip card processing and using the new online payment options available to your customers.

*Breakout topics and presenters are subject to change.

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