Reports Overview

EBMS includes many reports and report folder groups. Additional reports and folders may be added according to the user's preferences. Custom reports can be purchased from Eagle Solutions or created by the user using Seagate Crystal Reports. See the Report Customization section for more details.

Organizing Reports

Reports are organized within EBMS in groups and sub-groups. The report groups are accessed by going to File > Reports from the main EBMS menu. Review the Report Menu section for more details on the report menu and organization.

Review the Printing a Report section for details on report prompts, saving report defaults, and report options.

Commonly used reports can be grouped within dialog windows or menus. Review the Print Buttons and Menus section for details on associating reports to a dialog or menu. Reports can also be attached to monthly or annual processes. Review the Periodic Reports section for more details.

Changing or Customizing

Invoice, purchase order, bank checks, and other forms are created or changed within the report system of EBMS. Review the Form Configuration section for more details.

A report can be exported to a file or sent via e-mail rather than printing the report to a standard printer. Review the Exporting Data section for more details on exporting or e-mailing a file.

Reports can be customized to generate the information that the user or management wants to compile. This customized report can be created using basic EBMS options such as default prompt settings or user defined queries. The user can duplicate a report within the Report Menu if multiple sets of defaults and queries are needed for the same report. Review the Report and Form Customization section for more details on duplicating reports, altering reports, or customizing reports.

Some custom reporting such as custom labels, letters, emails, envelopes, and other forms can be created using MS Word.  Review Mail Merge for more details on this flexible option.  

Electronically Sending Reports

EBMS can be automated to electronically send various customer, vendor, and worker forms and documents via email.   This tool automates the steps to electronically send an invoice, purchase/sales order, receipts, or statements to specific email address for a customer, vendor, worker, or other contact.   Review [Sales] > CRM > AutoSend Documents for more details on this option.

Recommended Printers

The recommendations listed below are based on the type of printer, not specific brands.

Often a combination of the printers listed above is required to meet the needs of a company.

Note:  All printer drivers should be updated to the latest version. Log onto the printer vendor's website and update printer drivers if you are experiencing printing issues.

Review System Requirements for more hardware and printer requirements.

Report Security

Review Setting Report Security for security settings to restrict access to a report or to restrict the user's ability to change prompts.  

Advanced Reporting Options

The following optional reporting tools are available within EBMS: