Printing a Report

There are multiple ways to view a report: print to a printer or fax machine, preview on a computer screen, e-mail, or save to a file. Review this section for details on the specific options. Select the appropriate report by highlighting the report and clicking the Print button.

Report Prompts

The options on the print dialogue will vary depending which report is selected. The following options are based on the sample dialog shown above.

The following options are standard with any EBMS report:

Choose Printer options. The Windows Default Printer will be listed as the default printer. Select the Specific Printer option if an alternative printer is preferred. Install the printer driver within Windows by selecting Settings from the Start menu if the printer is not listed as an available printer. Reports can be printed on a fax machine by selecting the fax driver from the Specific Printer options list. See your computer dealer or network administrator if you do not have a fax option.

There are several options and features that are launched from the preview window. They are as follows:

Click on the printer icon to print the report from the preview window.

Click on the small export icon to send report via e-mail or export it to a file. Review the Exporting Data section for more information.

Select the binoculars to search for specific information contained within the report.

The preview image can be minimized or maximized. 100% is the normal selection, which displays the report at actual size. Select another percentage by clicking on the arrow beside the icon and selecting the appropriate percentage. To continue, close the previous window.

Review Setting Report Security for security settings to restrict access to a report or to restrict the user's ability to change prompts.  

Turn the Collate option ON to collate a multiple page report.

Enter the desired number of Copies to print.

Report Query

Click on Set Query to define a query for the report. This powerful feature can be used to set user defined queries. For example, the user may want to print only invoices with a specific ship date or other criteria not listed within the Report Options.  Review the Features > Advanced Query Options section for details on configuring a query for your report.  Click on the Save as Default button at the bottom of the print dialog to save the query for future printings. Note that the query can be saved but not used by clicking the Use Query setting OFF.

Save as Default

To save these values for future printing, click on Save as Default before printing the report. The configuration will be saved within the report and will default the next time the report is opened.

The following defaults can be set for a single user and single device or single user on multiple devices.  

  1. Prompts:  Review Prompt settings earlier in this section

  2. Printer Name, Margins, Orientation, Copies, Collate, Paper Size, and Paper Source:  Set the printer driver to configure the printer settings

  3. Query:  Review the previous section for Report Query settings.

  4. Data Source:  Review Enhancing report speed using SQL for an alternative Data Source.

  5. Printer Specific Settings:  Enabling this option may only affect specific printers.   

The default setting of Only for this user and Only for this computer will not affect the defaults on the other computer profiles or other users.   Select the For all users option to set defaults for everyone on the current Windows device.  

Multiple users and multiple devices can be set if the user as manager security settings within the user management settings.   Review the manager settings within Security > Creating Users and Assigning Rights at the program level.

Review Report and Form Customization for additional default report options.

Click on the Restore Defaults button to restore all defaults on this report to the original settings at the time EBMS was installed.