SQL Mirror and Power BI Overview

The sole purpose of the SQL Mirror is to create a mirrored copy of specific EBMS data tables in an SQL Server environment. Changes saved within EBMS are populated to the mirror within seconds. Programs and integrations that use this SQL data have access to it immediately.

This data is available only for reading, and any structural changes made to the SQL data will be wiped out during periodic Complete Uploads from EBMS. Microsoft SQL Server Express (free) is expected to be robust enough for small to medium datasets with light use. More extensive and intensive use will require the implementation of Microsoft SQL Server Standard or Enterprise; sold separately.

Combine this tool with a business intelligence tool such as MS Power BI to maximize data evaluation.

Review the Configuring the SQL Server section for details on preparing the SQL Server for the mirrored data.

Review the Configuring the SQL Mirror section for details on preparing EBMS.

A fundamental understanding of Microsoft SQL Server is necessary for its installation, setup, and maintenance. Microsoft offers good information and courses on its websites and forums. Taking a SQL Server DBA course is recommended.

Review Upload Files to upload a complete set of files which is required initially and steps to upload individual files.