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Payment Processing

Process payment cards within EBMS.

This module facilitates the processing, settlement, and management of card payments within EBMS.

Streamline Point-of-Sale Payments

Streamline card payment processing, settlement, and management with this integrated EBMS solution. All credit, debit, gift, EBT and loyalty cards are received using a card device and then recorded within EBMS. This secure and integrated method of receiving card payments makes managing payments and cash flow simple.

Order Entry

Secure Process

Securely store encrypted credit card information within a sales order or customer account. EBMS only stores encrypted data which allows card information to be saved for recurring accounts without security risks.

PCI Certified EMV Compliant

Secure Process

Integrated Payment Devices

A variety of payment devices and point-of-sale stations can be used receive payments and capture signatures.

View Payment Devices
Payware Payment Processing

Add-On Payment Options

This module can be used in conjunction with an Ecommerce website or Payment Portal to accept payments from a website or virtual terminal, without a physical device.

Payment Options


  • Process cards from the EBMS software using a card device
  • Streamline processing, settlement, and management of payment cards
  • Choose from a wide variety of merchant accounts
  • Securely store encrypted credit card information within a sales order or customer account
  • Pre-authorize credit cards for a sales order before an order is shipped and processed
  • Setup separate cash amounts for multiple locations or multiple merchant accounts to simplify cash reconciliation
  • Process Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards with a compatible EBT payment card processor
  • Activate, load, sell, and process gift cards
  • Establish a loyalty card program and activate, add, and redeem points
  • View loyalty card point balance and award value
  • PCI certified
  • EMV Compliant Chip Card Processing
  • Process payments online (additional module needed)
  • Process payments using a virtual terminal (additional module needed)
  • Connects with all major credit/debit card companies

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Advantages of Integrated Credit Card Processing

  • Streamline POS by processing credit cards from the EBMS software
  • Securely store and save cards for recurring accounts
  • Online Payment processing with Ecommerce
  • Online Customer Portal Option to allow customers to view and pay invoices online

Disadvantages of Integrated Credit Card Processing

  • Monthly cost for VeriFone service
  • Added complexity with VeriFone third party service and connection to EBMS

Choose a Preferred MSP

Eagle Business Software has partnered with Merchant Service Providers due to the great rates and service that has been provided to our customers.  Moving to one of the below MSPs will allow easier troubleshooting, streamlined on-boarding, and reduced transition and subscription plan cost.

Understanding the Secure Process

    1. Payment Device physically collects payment information. View Payment Devices.
    2. Merchant Service Provider (MSP) organization creates the contract for the credit card processing.
      The MSP sets the fees and bills the EBMS user for the credit card transactions. Eagle Business Software offers a list of preferred MSPs to give our customers access to professional assistance to process their payment transactions. You will find the list of preferred MSPs on the Providers tab. Your MSP chooses the Payment Processing Platform that actually processes the payment transactions.
    3. Verifone Point Gateway receives the payment request and passes encrypted payment information to EBMS.
    4. Payware Payment Processing module in EBMS receives encrypted card information to process payments, saves card info for future use, and provides integrated cash flow and transaction management.
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