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Customer Signature Processing

Capture and record a customer's signature.

The Signature Processing module of EBMS is an optional point-of-sale enhancement feature.

Record Signature on Invoice

The Customer Signature Processing option is used to digitally capture a customer's signature and record it within the EBMS sales invoice. The signature may be a result of a charge invoice or a credit card payment charged invoice. The signature may be printed on the hard copy of a sales invoice or receipt. It may also be archived electronically for historical reference.

Electronic Signature

Signature Pad

The module is used with a Signature Pad or Payment Kit option.  View signature capture equipment

Integrated Point-of-Sale Solution

Customer Signature Processing is an enhancement of the Payment Processing and Sales modules.

This module can be used as part of a full integrated Point-of-Sale & Retail solution.


  • Digitally captures a customer's signature and records it within the Sales Invoice
  • Prints the signature on the hard copy of the Sales Invoice
  • Does not require carbon copy paper to record multiple copies of the signature on the Sales Invoice
  • Archives the customer's signature electronically within EBMS
  • The MX830 device will handle credit and debit card transaction processing if the Credit Card Interface is included

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