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Merchant Account Parameters

Eagle Business Software has partnered with various credit card merchant service providers to allow your business the opportunity to choose the merchant services provider (MSP) and the payment processing platform. This flexibility allows the EBMS user to choose the MSP that best fits their company's needs

Contact your EBMS support representative to create a Payware Connect account or for merchant account recommendations.


Understand the Process

The processing steps required to process a payment card are as follows:

  1. Payment Device physically collects payment information.
    To process EMV-compliant chip card transactions using EBMS, you will need compatible payment devices, which include the VeriFone MX 915 or 925 payment devices.  All payment devices must be individually encrypted by VeriFone for use with Point. View Payment Devices available for purchase.

  2. Merchant Service Provider (MSP) organization creates the contract for the credit card processing.
    The MSP sets the fees and bills the EBMS user for the credit card transactions. Eagle Business Software offers a list of preferred MSPs to give our customers access to professional assistance to process their payment transactions. Review the list of preferred MSPs.

  3. Payment Processing Platforms: This is the platform or company that actually processes the payment transactions. This company is chose by your MSP.
    Elavon First Data logoValueLink logoTSYSGiveX

  4. Verifone Point Gateway receives the payment request and passes encrypted payment information to EBMS. The Payware Point Gateway becomes the link between EBMS and various payment processing platforms.

  5. EBMS Payment Solutions

    Payware Processing Module collects encrypted payment information . Payments can be processed at a later date using stored credit card information using a PCI compliant process.

    Payment Portal allows card payments to be processed without traditional processing hardware and gives customers the ability to pay account balances online.

    Eagle Business Software is not responsible for any fraudulent card transactions. Please review Verifone Gateway settings and other preventive options with your Merchant Services Provider to minimize fraud risk. Contact our preferred MSPs to discuss pricing, options, and security recommendations to meet your card processing needs.

How do I get started?

  1. Choose an MSP (Review the list of preferred MSPs.)
  2. Choose a payment processor recommended by your MSP and fill out the form:
    First Data Nashville ISO
    RBS WorldPay
    ValueLink (First Data Program)
  3. Email the above form to your EBMS representative.

EMV Compliant Chip Processing

This solution is EMV compliant for chip processing. If you are an existing EBMS customer with Payware Connect, click here to learn how to update your solution.