Transition to EMV Chip Card Processing


The “liability shift” is here and merchants accepting card-present payments must implement new technologies to maintain PCI compliance and limit liability. This transition to EMV Chip Card Procesing affects EBMS users who process payment cards within EBMS.

What Changes Can I Expect?

  • New Account - A new account is required through VeriFone Point which means existing stored cards will need to be re-entered.
  • Change of Costs - This new Verifone service is based on number of devices rather than the number of transactions.
  • Device Based- All credit card numbers are entered through a physical device since this service is device based. EBMS has a separate cloud based Virtual Terminal that allows users to type in the credit card number from a keyboard for phone orders.
  • Options & Flexibility - Additional device-based options and flexibility are available such as:
    • Accepts CHIP cards
    • PCI compliant
    • Accepts credit, debit, gift, and EBT payments
    • Stores cards in a safe and secure manner to run on future invoices, complete down payments, etc
    • Sets the minimum payment amount for which a signature is required
    • Shows invoice line items on the device
    • Shows inventory items from sales order on device (pole display)
    • Compatible with contactless payments (ApplePay, AndroidPay, SamsungPay, etc)
    • Offers cash back on debit transactions in denominations of your choosing.
Payment Devices

What About My Payment Devices?

Payment devices compatible with this change include the VeriFone MX 915 and VeriFone 925 payment devices with the EMV chip card slot. All payment devices must be individually encrypted by VeriFone for use with Point.

  • I already have the required devices:
    Your devices need to be sent to VeriFone and re-encrypted with the VeriFone Point service.  Please contact Esh Computer Center to discuss obtaining rental devices while your devices are being encrypted.  VeriFone is currently estimating a 4-6 week lead time to re-encrypt devices

  • I do not have the required devices: You will need to purchase or lease encrypted VeriFone devices.  Contact us today to get started!
Payment Devices

Choose a Preferred Merchant Service Provider

Eagle Business Software has partnered with three Merchant Service Providers (MSP) due to the great rates and service that has been provided to our customers.  Moving to a preferred MSP allows for easier troubleshooting, streamlined on-boarding, and reduced transition and subscription plan costs.

  • Streamlined Setup
  • Easy Troubleshooting
  • Reduced Costs

Get Started!

Payment Devices

What is the process to complete the transition?

  • 1.
    Complete Online Form or Contact Us
  • 2.
    Review Costs and
    Sign Proposal
  • 3.
    Esh Computer Center submits forms and devices to VeriFone for encryption
    (ETA 4-6 weeks)
  • 4.
    Devices are tested and installed by Esh Computer Center in cooperation with your staff

Want to learn more about the secure process of integrated payment cards within EBMS? Browse Payment Processing to understand advantages, disadvantages, and the secure method of processing.

What are the Costs?

I already have the required equipment:

Re-Encryption by Verifone EBMS Setup & Support * Monthly Verifone Service
Lead Time
$125 per device $299 with preferred MSP
(up to 7 devices)
with other MSP of your choice
$599 ( 1-3 devices) | $899 (4-7 devices)
$21 per device
8 weeks


I need new equipment:

Payment Devices
Purchase Lease EBMS Setup & Support * Monthly Verifone Service Lead Time
VeriFone MX915 Kit

Check Online Store $19
$299 with preferred MSP
(up to 7 devices)
with other MSP of your choice
$599 ( 1-3 devices) | $899 (4-7 devices)
$21 per device
8 weeks
VeriFone MX925 Kit Check Online Store $24

* All pricing applies to a single business location and Eagle Business Software reserves the right to change pricing at any time.

Choose a Preferred MSP


Get Started!
717.442.3247 x3
Hours: Mon - Fri : 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM [EST]

Merchant Service Provider (MSP)
How many payment devices do you have?
What type of terminals do you have?
(Type numbers is located on device, ie MX915)