MyTime App

Labor tracking on the go!

Track Labor on the Go

Enable your service techs and sales reps to easily track their time on a variety of daily tasks, work orders, and appointments. Simply clock in at the start of the day and all time is automatically recorded as each task is open and completed.


Record Information Onsite

Don’t wait until the end of the day to organize and record details from your jobs. Now techs can efficiently manage a variety of work orders, phone calls, contacts, and tasks while in the shop, on the road, or around the world. Important job notes, all products used, and the time spent are recorded, all from your remote device.


Bill Immediately

The customer can be billed before leaving the job site, reducing the time it takes to get paid. Simply complete the task, add any materials used, and process the invoice. Payments are recorded and a copy of the invoice is emailed to the customer.



  • Clock into specific tasks or work orders
  • Easily track technician time required to complete a task
  • View tasks and schedules in a variety of ways
  • Search for and organize tasks by date, type, worker, manager, and various other options
  • Add parts, item codes, and a photo of the barcode to a task or work order
  • Record notes for a job
  • Complete the task onsite
  • Preview and process the invoice on site and email a copy/receipt to the customer
  • Can be installed and used on a tablet, laptop, desktop, or smartphone
  • Requires Windows 10 operating system (not available on IOS and Android)  Learn more about using apps within EBMS.


  • Payroll - Pay employees and manage taxes
  • Tasks & Work Orders - Record work orders, tasks, and service time
  • Accounts Receivable - Create sales orders and invoices, receive payments, calculate finance charges, and many other customer related items
  • CRM - Automatically send sales invoices, purchase orders, statements, and other documents.
  • Time Track - Record and allocate time using a time clock