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Tasks & Work Orders

Manage work orders, billable time, and task details.

The Tasks and Work Orders module within EBMS is useful in managing a variety of work orders, phone calls, contacts, and other tasks. These tasks are conveniently connected to customers, sales orders, serialized whole goods, time-card detail, and jobs.

Manage Work Orders

This powerful module is used to organize, schedule, and print work orders. This module can be used to schedule work orders for almost any service business including electricians, equipment repair technicians, installation departments, HVAC companies, computer repairmen, manufacturers, and almost any type of repair or service business.

Tasks & Work Orders

Evaluate Billable Time

The ability to evaluate billable time for a service company is another powerful feature of this module. Measure the efficiency of labor and employees by quantifying the billable time using different work codes within payroll.

Tasks & Work Orders

Record Details

Details are recorded by tracking customer information, logging customer support contacts, recording events contained within a specific job, tracking details for service contracts, and maintaining history regarding individual pieces of equipment or whole goods.

Tasks & Work Orders


  • Organize, schedule, and print work orders
  • Graphs display available time and a schedule overview
  • Create task group views by tasks based on employee, status, manager, or customer
  • Track the time and materials for T&M jobs or track the actual time spent on projects with an estimated time
  • Evaluate the billable time for a service company
  • Compare billable time to the actual time to evaluate the profitability of individual employees or an entire service department
  • Manage labor more effectively by quantifying the billable time using different work codes within payroll
  • Management reports allow the personnel manager to base employee pay on his/her efficiency and performance
  • Log, organize, and evaluate phone calls, service calls, follow up contacts, and other customer relation info
  • Record events contained within a specific job as well as labor, material, and billing processes within a construction, manufacturing, or other type of job or project
  • Track details for service contracts
  • Maintain history regarding individual pieces of equipment and whole goods

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