Using Apps with EBMS

An App is a small application that can be run on a tablet or a smart phone that can access data within EBMS or write information to EBMS through a wireless network. These flexible EBMS Apps give the user the ability to read or write EBMS data from a convenient portable device without a network connect to the EBMS software. Eagle Business Software is committed to making EBMS data more accessible to mobile users.

The EBMS software has traditionally required hardware that runs the MS Windows operation system or a Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP) client to access a MS Windows Server from a non-Windows OS. The EBMS Apps allows the user to connect a lean client such as a tablet or smart phone to access EBMS directly.

Review the following links for more EBMS App Details:

EBMS Apps are purchased using subscription. Use the following App stores to download the EBMS App:

Contact your Eagle Business Software rep to purchase EBMS Apps.


EBMS Apps are managed within the Worker record of EBMS.    Open the Worker record by selecting Labor > Worker from the main EBMS menu.

Click on the App Settings tab as shonw below:


EBMS apps are licensed per user or Worker unless the app is licensed by Site.   A Site license allows an unlimited number of users to access baed on the number of EBMS licenses.

In the example above, the license contains 3 EBMS apps but Mike Jefro only has access to 2 since the Allow option is enabled for MyTime and MyCustomers.    

The Count column identifies the max number of users.

The Used column totals the number of workers that have been assigned each app.  


Set the appropriate settings for each user or worker that requires access to the licensed apps.   


EBMS Data can also be accessed using a web browser. The following browser based applications are available: