MyDispatch Overview

Getting techs to the right job has never been easier.  The MyDispatch app quickly assigns tasks to technicians with a simple drag/drop visual display.  Efficiently adjust and communicate technician schedules while tasks are created, adjusted, and completed.  This tool allows the dispatcher to know the location of each technician, the status of the work orders, and facilitates schedule adjustments.  The on-screen map shows the current location of each technician.  Create tasks in real time, communicate the work order details including the customer’s location, and monitor the progress of each technician.  Combine MyDispatch with the various EBMS task and work order tools needed to manage an entire service team.

Use MyDispatch to accomplish the following tasks:

MyDispatch is designed to organize technicians by Integrating on of the following tools:

The MyDispatch app can be used in the following environments:

Technician Dispatcher

Scenario:  An HVAC service company offers onsite service for various heating and air conditioning units.  The team of technicians provides general service, preventive maintenance, and new installations and upgrades.  The service dispatcher is required to organize service staff to accommodate emergencies, scheduled repairs, new installs, and routine maintenance.  Each technician or team clocks into a task using MyTime or MyTasks when they leave for a customer location and tracks parts and labor in real time while on the job.  The repairman adds notes and has the option to bill the customer immediately when the work order is completed.  The dispatcher can visually review the  schedule and progress of each color-coded work order using the MyDispatch app as well as add and change tasks quickly.  This integrated EBMS system allows this company to provide efficient service to their customers.

MyDispatch enables dispatchers to manage task assignments in real-time while keeping tabs on where workers are located and their activities when using MyTime and MyTasks.  The software assists the service manager or dispatcher to manage service technicians who are involved in on-site repairs or services.  MyTime and MyTasks will communicate real-time work order assignments and status updates to MyDispatch.  The software also communicates the worker’s location the last time they used one of the task and work order tools on the service technician's iOS or Android smart phone.  Review Scheduling Individual Technicians for more details on using MyDispatch in a service technician environment.

Shop Service Manager

Scenario:  The service department of a heavy equipment sales and service company consists of six service bays to repair or rebuild equipment.  Many repairs, an engine rebuild, or inspection must be completed within a properly equipped bay that contains the required hoists, lifts, and diagnostic equipment.  The dispatcher must be able to see the availability of these locations to schedule specific tasks.  The user identifies each bay or workstation with a common name or bay id.  The worker or technician is assigned to the task to manage labor, but the repair orders are visually scheduled using the service bay id.  This visual scheduling tools of MyDispatch equips the manager to manage the various resources available within the shop.  

MyDispatch assists the manager to schedule tasks per service bay or workstation instead of by worker.  This approach is used when individual workstations are equipment with different equipment such as hoists, dialognostic equipment, and other needed tools.  Each bay or workstation is identified by a workstation label or bay id.  These areas are identified within EBMS by the labor work code category (work group) that contains at least one unique work code.  Review Work Codes > Work Code Groups for more details on these categories.  Review Scheduling Service Bays or Workstations for details on using MyDispatch in a shop with multiple bays or workstations.  

Manufacturing Floor Manager

A shop manager must schedule manufacturing pods in a custom, lean, and standard manufacturing company.  Multiple manufacturing processes such as manufacturing parts, building sub-assemblies, or assembling the finished goods are managed using MyDispatch.  Review [Inventory] Manufacturing > Overview for more information on the various manufacturing tools included in EBMS.

Tasks or work orders need to be created within EBMS to use MyDispatch in a manufacturing environment.   Review Tasks > Creating Tasks > Creating a Task form a Manufacturing Batch for instructions to create tasks that are scheduled in MyDispatch.

MyDispatch is a scheduling tool used in different environments:

  1. Scheduled based on the needed tools:  MyDispatch can be used to schedule multiple pieces of manufacturing equipment like a shear, brake, punch etc.  The floor manager can assign tasks to a workgroup quickly and easily by dragging and dropping tasks from one station to another.   Review Scheduling Service Bays or workstations for more details on this method.

  2. Scheduled by worker:  MyDispatch can be used to schedule a manufacturing shop based on the manufacturing worker.  Review Scheduling Individual Technicians to schedule a list of workers.


Review Setup MyDispatch to setup MyDispatch for a service department organizing service bays or individual workstations.