Worker Terminations

When a worker leaves or is terminated you should take the following steps:

  1. Go to Labor > Workers and select the worker that is being terminated and click on the Personal tab:

  2. A Termination Date should be entered in the worker's pay tab window for reference purposes.

  3. The worker should be marked as Inactive by enabling the option on the General tab. This will keep the worker from being listed on many reports, but will continue to retain the employee’s history.

  4. The following dialog will appear if the worker contains MyEBMS licenses.  

    Click YES to remove all MyEBMS app licenses.  Review [Main] Features > MyEBMS Apps for app licencing details.  

  5. Click OK to accept changes when exiting.

NOTE: All inactive (accounts, vendors etc) will be grayed on the search lists when the Show Inactive option is enabled at the bottom of the list.