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Manufacturing & Kitting

Manufacture products and create assemblies to distribute or sell.

The Manufacturing Module within EBMS is primarily used when items are manufactured or assembled rather than purchased in the same form they are sold. This is useful when creating inventory products from raw materials or assembling inventory kits before the sale of the item.

Manufacturing Process

The six main features of the manufacturing process within EBMS include creating finished goods, identifying items consumed, scheduling the batch, material requirement planning, and processing the batch.



The Made-To-Order (MTO) option gives the user the convenience of combining the two step process of manufacturing and sales into a single step. The sales order is associated to a specific manufacturing batch for MTO items.



  • Facilitates the manufacturing and kitting of perpetual inventory items including serialized items
  • Maintains accurate inventory in a manufacturing environment
  • Can be used in conjunction with Job Costing to create a powerful management tool
  • Creates finished goods from the predetermined list of components
  • Includes tools to project and purchase raw materials and other components of a kit
  • The true cost of the finished good is calculated from the costs of the components, labor, or other costs listed within the manufacturing batch
  • Tracks the history of inventory item used within a kit or manufactured item separately from the amount sold individually
  • Schedule individual items or batches by date, job, status, or a user defined query
  • Map your company's internal preferred product ID to the suppliers industry standard ID
  • Search and query manufacturing batches

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  • Purchasing tools - purchase required parts and materials for a batch or schedule a manufacturing batch based on the stock levels of the finished goods
  • Job Costing - used for large MTO or stock product manufacturing projects
  • Serialized Items - allows the user to manufacture serialized items such as equipment or other items
  • Lots - Gives the user the traceability tools to track the items consumed within a batch
  • Task and work orders – attach work orders to a batch
  • Bar codes and POS tools - can be used to scan items into a batch
  • Multiple warehouses - Traces the location of manufactured items as well as the parts stock levels in multiple locations
  • Components and Accessories - Group multiple inventory items into a kit or set. * required module
  • Inventory Formula Tools - Manufacture and sell product with variable dimensions.