Bar Code & POS Tools

Enhance the efficiency and accuracy of data entry.

Bar code technology can greatly enhance the efficiency and accuracy of data entry. Receiving, shipping, and point-of-sale processes can be greatly improved by using existing bar codes on products or by printing new bar codes for individual items, cases, or skids.

Bar Code Tools

A variety of bar code scanners can be configured to be used with the EBMS software. Scanners must be programmed to work with the EBMS software. EBMS will accommodate scanners that are setup as a keyboard wedge and scanners that are attached to a COM port. There are benefits and limitations involved with each option. Recommended POS Barcode Scanner:

We recommend going with Honeywell's 1300g USB Linear Imaging Scanner Kit for a quality POS Scanner. Includes a 6' USB cable. The scanner can be programmed for keyboard wedge or USB. See Scanners...

Barcode Scanner

Barcode Label Printer

Direct thermal and thermal transfer label printers are recommended to print product barcode labels that may also include pricing. Barcode labels can be printed from a purchase order or inventory item. The EBMS software includes standard product barcode label options.  See Label Printers...

Barcode Label Printer

Weigh Scale

The weigh scale POS option of EBMS is used to sell a product that is sold by the pound. This option involves a scale connected to the POS Station and is used when the product is weighed at the time of check out. The Weigh Item on Entry option on the inventory item triggers the POS station to capture the weight of the product. A scale must be attached to EBMS before this option can be used.  See Documentation...
Avery Berkel's 6720 POS Scale is a great option for those who need a POS scale for items under 30lbs. See Weigh Scales...

Weigh Scale 

Cash Drawer

The EBMS system supports serial and USB cash drawers. The cash drawer can be configured to open when a cash sale is processed within the sales order window or the POS software. The recommended configuration is the serial cash drawer. See Documentation...

Recommended Cash Drawers

Cash Drawer

Payment Devices

Also, Eagle Business Software offers a variety of Payment Devices
Buy Payment Devices | Learn More...


  • Print bar codes onto packing lists, work orders, and other forms
  • Generate product labels containing bar codes, pricing, or other product information
  • Associate a variety of bar codes with inventory products
  • Associate a bar code with each unit-of-measure setting for an inventory item
  • Print a variety of reports that contain barcode fonts
  • Can be configured to work with a variety of bar code scanners
  • GTIN bar code scanning and interpretation of Application Identifiers

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