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Back office management and accounting tools.

At the core of any effective business management solution is an accurate and user-friendly accounting system. The business management tools that Eagle Business Software offers all come together in the Financials module. Just as a hub is to a wheel so Financials is to EBMS. Transactions from Expenses, Sales, Labor, and Journal Entries all come together to give a complete picture of the company.

Comprehensive Audit Trail

The software contains an extensive audit trail to verify each total within the General Ledger. This important feature facilitates the ability to quickly and accurately verify totals and identify the source of all transactions. All detailed numbers can be quickly viewed to verify any summary total on a screen or report.

Audit Trail

Bank Account Reconciliation

Account reconciliation tools can be used to reconcile bank accounts, cash balances, down payments, tax collected, and other balance sheet accounts. 


Journal Entry Tools

Journal entry tools are used to adjust transactions that include employee W2 balances, bank accounts,  receivables, payables, and many other account balances in order to report accurate summaries.


Advanced Tools

Advanced tools such as Business Budget Utilities, Profit Center Management, Fixed Asset Depreciation, Flexible Financial Reporting, and Payroll are all integrated with this module.

General Ledger


  • Complete audit trail where all transactions can be traced to the original source
  • Extensive drill down details
  • Fiscal year controls
  • Unlimited amount of history per month and annually (including detailed transactions)
  • Allows posting up to 26 monthly periods
  • Optional 13th month adjustment period
  • Flexible chart of accounts structure and grouping
  • Multiple Department and Profit Centers management with flexible cost allocation
  • Journal entry tools to adjust transactions that include employee W2 balances, bank accounts,  receivables, and payables
  • Powerful reconciliation facility for any balance sheet account
  • 1099 tracking and printing
  • Budget Projection capability
  • Complete set of financial reports
  • Flexible financial reporting
  • Cash or accrual based year-end financial statements
  • Fund accounts to track multiple expense/revenue funds
  • Unlimited number of transactions to provide detailed records for years

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