Fixed Asset Depreciation

Depreciate fixed company assets.

Fixed company assets such as vehicles, buildings, and equipment must be depreciated over a period of time. The EBMS Depreciation Module allows the user to easily post the depreciation expense to general ledger on a regular basis.

Apply Asset Costs

Applying asset depreciation costs on a monthly basis is an important management tool to properly manage the profitability of a company especially if the business owns a sizeable amount of fixed assets.

Fixed Asset Depreciation

Depreciable Schedules

The EBMS Depreciation module gives the user flexibility and ease of use when planning the depreciable schedules. A variety of depreciation methods are distributed with the software, although additional user-defined methods can be created as well.

Fixed Asset Depreciation


  • Records Fixed asset information such as vendor invoice, purchase information, and to-date depreciation details for each of the assets
  • Creates monthly expense transactions and posts them to the General Ledger in seconds
  • Manages a wide variety of depreciable assets such as rental items, company equipment, or intangible assets
  • Includes Salvage Value and 179 Election adjustments to create a detailed record of each depreciable asset
  • Assists the user with Year End General Ledger reconciliation and management reporting
  • Wizards assist in making purchasing, as well as selling or disposing of assets, a simple process

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