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Business Budget Utilities

Set a budget, meet goals, and evaluate your company's financial condition.

A budget, simply stated, is just a financial plan for your business. When a budget is in place, it can help you to meet goals, put new goals in place, and evaluate the financial condition of your company. The EBMS budget module is a key tool in managing your business because it is built to set goals and plans for the year ahead, or further out.

Project Income and Profits

The EBMS Budget module is an important management tool used to project a plan for the New Year or additional future years. This projection becomes a guide to compare actual expenses and income to the projection or budget. The budget system can be used to project income and profits and create a comparison picture to measure the progress of the company.


Set Monthly & Annual Budgets

Set monthly/annual budgets, calculate your budget with formulas that are based on percents of actual sales and expenses, and more. This allows the business manager to get an accurate picture of how the company is progressing toward the goals set.

The EBMS Budget module can help answer the following question you may have about your business:

  • Will I have the income to pay for projected expenses?
  • Are my current sales and expenses meeting the goals required to earn my projected profits?
  • Are my overhead costs within a manageable level?
  • Do I have the information needed to decide the company's financial decisions?

Start with a simple budget and add complexity by using formulas and variables as needed.



  • Create a budget by month or year
  • Automatically adjust the budget for a specific account based on percent of last year's budget, percent of projected, sales for the entire company or a specific department or profit center, percent of total payroll budget, percent of cost of sales budget, percent of last year or budget for a single or range of general ledger accounts
  • Budget based on previous years
  • Set formulas for a range of accounts
  • Create formulas and variables to calculate a budget based on a combination of factors
  • Import information from an Excel spreadsheet
  • Set budgets based on monthly values rather than annual totals
  • Do basic calculations from variables, account budget or past year values with included formulas
  • Calculate monthly budget by distributing the annual budget evenly, same as last year or based on a user-entered monthly percentage
  • Start with a simple budget and add complexity by using formulas and variables as needed

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