Advanced Security

Limit a user's access to specific accounts.

This module adds the capability to store a variety of documents within a customer, vendor, inventory item, task, invoice, quote, and more.

Limit Access

The Advanced Security option allows the administrator to limit a user’s access to one or a group of vendors, employees, or other accounts. For example, the manager may want to limit a user’s ability to access specific vendors but give the security rights to other vendors. This allows a secretary to manage the main vendor accounts but restrict access to a few more sensitive accounts. A manager could also restrict some sensitive general ledger accounts such as equity or asset accounts without restricting the user’s access to the revenue or expense accounts.

Advanced Security

Additional Security Management

The standard EBMS software contains many security options that restrict the user to access only pertinent information. These standard options restrict a user’s ability to access a file, field, button, or report. View information on the Standard Security within EBMS. One limitation of the standard security feature is that all records are restricted if the user’s security settings restricts the field or file. For example, the history or details of all the vendors are restricted if the user’s security settings restrict access to the vendor information. Advanced Security gives the manager additional security management to restrict specific accounts.

Advanced Security

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